Maase is the first interactive shawl companion

Maase is the first interactive shawl companion, bridging the gap between the socialand smart wearables world. In a world where we’re constantly flooded with tons of notifications, and where we’re heading to more and more virtual interactions, especially concerning our social relationships, we wondered ourselves : what about enhancing interpersonal relationship, the one that defines huma lik through technology, in real life ?

Maase consists on a smart shawl connected to a dedicated app. Your friends take snapshots of their life moments : a sound they hear, a music they want to share, a picture they just took or simply a warm and tactile sign to say they’re here. Every message can be composed with several type of content that are mixed together. These new kinds of messages are then transmitted to your shawl. When you’re back home, the Maase shawl brings to life to transform this message into an sensorial, immersive and tangible emotion exchange over adistance by playing the same sound, color, heat, tactile stimuli…as set by your friend sooner this day.

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