The Unknown Project proposes to move towards the unknown

Exaltation of feelings, fusion of entities being summarized in a universal and collective work. An artistic installation, singular and interactive orchestrated via a photographicfresco in pixel art.
The Unknown Project proposes to move towards the unknown, or rather the unknowns: portraits of people crossed at random meetings. This conceptual project of snapshots isnot just about seeing anonymous faces: it is about touching oneness, revealing what is both ephemeral and persistent in us, in other words, our essence . These one-day modelsexpress spontaneously an emotion, a feeling, something intimate that characterizesthe person. Hundreds of emotions were captured during these improvised diurnalphotocall where each individual is made the pure expression of an emotion both per-sonal and universal.

Cédric Jouvin shows us his love for this type of rendering in which the grain and the contrast prove to be unique. And, unlike large format photographic exhibitions, du-ring the Unknown Project installations, the spectator is obliged to approach, almosttouching the photo, to guess precisely the details and the contours, thus establishing, for a moment, a relationship of intimacy.

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