At first sight, they are small cars.


At first sight, they are small cars. In reality, it is a new approach to electric mobility andindustry.
At first glance, we could see a new car manufacturer, nevertheless, it is above all a Marketplace open to creators and developers. Customizing and changing your vehicleaccording to your desires and needs becomes possible, easily.

Modular and customizable, these vehicles are assembled locally and easily by certified professionals, while remaining very competitive: each vehicle is made up of 580 pieces compared to 6000 to 10 000 for a classic car!
On the safety side, these vehicles have already passed the crash tests and are homolo-gated for all roads. On the technologies side, the connected objects find their place on board: an open development platform is dedicated to them and the energy embedded in the vehicle is redistributed to them, even when stopped. Indeed, once stopped, thevehicles turn into «generators» of electricity, and become spaces to live: workshop, work station, leisure base, …

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