More than 7200 exhibitors from 119 countries, 155 000 professionals and 400 000 products present… It’s the largest international marketplace for foodservice professionals seeking inspiration. Exhibitors from all over the world present their products, innovations and technologies so as to give an overview of the industry.

WELCOME TO SIAL 2018 Edition and as always… Carlin spotted trends that you can’t afford to miss !


  • Healthy eating
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Eating good quality food

These are the 3 most important criteria for consumers when choosing their product – who are more and more educated on the topic. These criteria were analysed by Kantar TNS as part of Food 360 2018 a multi-country market research.


© XTC world innovation, Kantar TNS et Gira Conseil pour le SIAL 2018.

According to Kantar TNS, the need for more transparency regarding food products has never been stronger in the entire world. Regarding the 10 geographical areas studied, consumers need more transparency regarding …

  • Ingredient composition
  • Origin of ingredients
  • Food safety

The Only & Original BIZZA, Pizza dough made with fresh spent grain, beer wort and beer yeast from selected belgian beers «  source of fibre » «no added fat » – Created by Omnigrain – Belgium


The trade show also focuses on original taste, with no additives … with local or vintage products referenced.

Savourez l’Alsace, terroir products              


The digital age helps start-ups grow. These businesses use their agility to spot market opportunities…They act as a disruptive force all over the food industry, creating new markets where none have previously existed, or disrupting an existing industry with an unexpected business model.

With these new disruptive creators, ethics and pleasure go hand in hand. Carlin spotted for you the perfect combo for a 100% ethical coffee !


In response to the 5 billion plastic cups discarded each year in France, the young startup with the slogan ” crunch me if you can » created environmentally responsible cups. Their products are made from tasty and authentic ingredients. Tassiopée keeps your beverage hot. Let’s drink, crunch and enjoy !


Spanish business, Coffee in aluminum-free capsules. 100% compostable.


The gluten-free trend, superstar of SIAL 2016, gives way to vegetal food which is easy to make from appetizers to dessert recipes.

Mousse-Have, Vegan desserts

NSI, Organic food Private Label


Thus the name of the trend accompanying the massive decline in meat consumption. In France, according to the Crédoc, beef consumption has declined by 12% in the last 10 years.

SIAL 2018 and exhibitors try to respond to this drop by having high standards regarding quality in the meat production, but also high quality of the taste.

It will never be enough for vegans, but it will probably convince the gourmet flexitarianists who are accepting more responsibility in their consuming habits.

Vegan Deli

You will find these trends anticipated and analysed by Carlin creative trend bureau in our trend books Terra (17-18) and Naturology (18-19).

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