SS17 beauty confirmation: ALL EYES ON ME

In its SS17 beauty Trendbook, Carlin Creative Trend Bureau has dare a strong focus on eyes, either as mesmerizing exotics or intense primary pigments. Two prescriber trends, personified by the latest fashion shows.

A first focus on a Paradisiac stare, where cold and warm tones in blue and pink are confronting themselves in squeaky harmonies, on a background of carnivorous plants and magnetic color ranges.

A thorny glance, as seen on Pucci:

And Maison Margiela:

A second highlight on the Trend Breeze, where the chromatic palette plays the opalescence of iodized aquas. The ultra-pigmented cobalt blue dramas arty beauty, accentuating the eyes or flat on the eyelid.

An intense look at Anna Sui:

And Chromat:

Either minimal arty or bird of Paradise, one thing is certain: we had well said!

Marketing Project Manager – Intimacy


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