The Workspace 2021 exhibition, dedicated to the design of work spaces, was held from 5 to 7 October in Paris. The search for comfort at work is dominant.  Many exhibitors proposed acoustic design solutions for visual and sound comfort, with fresh and lively colours. For more serene, pleasant and colourful working environments. 

Felt/acoustic: you don’t change a winning team!

Noise is a major concern in open space and coworking environments. And for several seasons now, felt has been the solution for acoustic signs. Made of wool or polyester fibre from recycled bottles (PET), it is inexpensive and has noise absorption properties. It can be seen in all its forms: lighting, office supplies, partition panels, etc. Perforated or embossed, this material offers many design and use possibilities as it is easy to work with.


@Manade / Photo Carlin

@Arteck Design

Comfort at work

Also with a view to sound insulation, many products offer more intimate environments for employees within the workplace itself. Capsules designed according to needs, in break rooms or meeting rooms, individually or in groups. Wrap-around chairs and sofas, giving a sense of comfort with acoustic attributes. As in an open bubble, for a more private, intimate space. 

@BioCreationBois/ Photo Carlin

@Casala / Photo Carlin

@Projective / Photo Carlin

Favourite: Function +


A classic presentation system, essential for corporate communication, redesigned to be more attractive and fun. Decorative and elegant thanks to the brilliance of the glass, the glassboard brings colour to meeting spaces. Interactive touch screens can be integrated to combine connected presentations with the more traditional written presentations.  

@Vanerum/ Photo Carlin



Acoustic correction system made of recycled wadding for collective spaces. The cloud-like shape chosen calls for a comfortable serenity. The product is intended to be an active solution: by integrating a light system, it sends a visual signal to the surrounding people when sound thresholds are reached. It can also be equipped with a lighting system that can reproduce the warmth and intensity of sunlight for better concentration.

@A-Cloud / Photo Carlin 

@A-Cloud / Photo Carlin 


This is a device charging system for cable-free spaces. The station is connected to wifi. Employees log in to the console and then charge any portable device with its powerful charging capacity and multiple outputs.



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