Following the two months of quarantine, shops (as well as bars and restaurants) have been able to reopen their doors with health regulations and barrier gestures. According to a survey conducted by the Nielsen Institute, only 2% of French people planned to go shopping on the eve of the end of quarantine. To counterbalance the decline in customer traffic in stores, which has already been noticeable for several years, the brands have had to implement various initiatives to encourage customers to return to their stores.


  • At Maje, a 10% discount on the current collection in store is granted to loyal customers.
  • The women’s tailor brand 17h10 offers its customers an appointment to shop safely in the boutique.
  • Within the exhibition En Couleurs at Le Bon Marché, Antik Batik celebrates craftsmanship and highlights Mongolia through a capsule collection.

@Antik Batik Illustration by Marie Perron @welovemarie

  • Sézane promotes love in these times of Mother’s Day (in France) and offers to win every day on its social networks, a 100€ gift card to use in store or on internet.
  • As for department stores, Le Printemps Haussmann has been authorized to reopen since May 28th 2020, concerning Les Galleries Lafayette, it was on Saturday 30th. As for Harrods and its boutique in Knightsbridge, a chic area of London, its return is announced for June 15th.


One of the best-sellers during the lockdown has been video games, especially Animal Crossing New Horizons. Nobody missed this new version of the famous life simulation game published by Nintendo and released on March 20th, 2020. How is it related to fashion, you might ask? The craze has been such, that luxury fashion brands and major retailers have invested those animated character’s wardrobe.

What do we find?

  • Downloadable content, promoted by brands themselves, like Marc Jacobs on his Instagram account, or created by fans of the game reproducing pieces from haute couture houses.
  • Fashion shows: since they were forbidden during this period of social distancing, they have multiplied on the platform. On Monday May 25th, just like on a real podium, the characters walked to present pieces by Fendi, Loewe, Balenciaga, Valentino… The photographer and creator of the Instagram account @animalcrossingfashionarchive, Kara Chung, lists all the creations reproduced and presents the result in a video.

The Luxury Soho – @wwd

A few weeks ago, Gémo, in partnership with the media company MadmoiZelle, presented its new collection. Through our avatar, we could try on clothes in a virtual showroom. Made available for free by the brand on the game, they are now available in stores.

Gémo x MadmoiZelle

The world of gaming, a new way to communicate with young generation? The trend is not so new, in fact, H&M, Diesel but also Moschino were already offering additional content for Sims fans (2, 3 or 4), and this since 2007 concerning the Swedish brand.

Another innovation concerning digital fashion, on the occasion of London Fashion Week, the designer Anifa Mvuemba unveiled her collection on Instagram Live using 3D models. As she says so well, clothes tell a story, especially in this collection honoring her Congolese origins. The bodies represented are realistic, so as the movements, allowing customers to visualize the products and imagine themselves wearing them. The concept allows participants to focus on details. The result is beautiful and one step closer to an inclusive, modern and accessible fashion for all. The complete video of the show is available on the @hanifaofficial account.

Source : MadmoiZelle, May, 25th 2020.



… another success confirmed during the lockdown especially in cosmetics’ universe.

Typology‘s mantra is to keep only the essentials, active ingredients of natural origin contained in recyclable packaging. Launched in 2019, the brand using mainly French and European ingredients, has quickly become a must for skincare products. Recently, it has released a new range of botanical facial care products: Plantes. There are five blends of vegetable oils, plant cells and essential oils, each with its own particular properties. They are all composed of three main ingredients and target a well-defined problem:

  • Cotton, raspberry oil and calendula macerate, to soothe and regenerate the skin.
  • A purifying serum, based on peony cells, jojoba oil and tea tree essential oil.
  • A moisturizing concentrate made of borage oil, vegetable squalene and papyrus cells.
  • A tensor effect thanks to prickly pear oil, immortal essential oil and nopal cells
  • And finally, a serum to revive natural radiance, composed of rose hip oil, rose geranium essential oil and white roses.

To be used at night, these blends are available on the brand’s website at a low price, another strength of the brand, which is keen to cut out intermediary as much as possible and thus offer affordable products.


Ingredients to protect health are a huge success: such as CBD, a molecule present in hemp without psychotropic effect, is exploding thanks to its anti-aging, antioxidant and revitalizing virtues (due to its high level of vitamin A, C and E) but also on acne, dry skin and eczema. The product has a very good reputation for its health effects. CBD could relieve mental disorders related to mood, anxiety or depression, but also several sorts of pains or even alleviate the effects of chronic illnesses in the long term. Many brands are entering this market, which is no longer a niche today. Kövo Essentials, the must-have New York label, announced for mid-May, will soon be on the shelves of Sephora France.


According to the research firm Ecovia Intelligence, natural ingredients with antiviral or antibacterial qualities are increasingly sought-after. This explains the strong popularity of CBD, but also other substances such as aloe Vera (in hand disinfectants), tea tree oil renowned for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, and eucalyptus oil used to slow down the transmission of the virus in Indonesia.

Source : Premium Beauty News, June, 1st 2020


We’ll for sure rely on Fenty Beauty which never stops! After the “Cheeks out Freestyle” collection made of cream tanning and blush launched during lockdown, it’s the turn of the lip product range to complete its offer with the “Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick”. The 10 product’s shades are applied with transparence for a natural effect. These creamy and nourishing lipsticks, with a glossy finish, are subtly tinted, completely at the heart of the no make-up trend.

@Fenty Beauty


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