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Look out who we found for you : … CAMILLE !

Camille is a brand, but also a young creative designer, full of common sense who embarks on the adventure of 100% VEGAN, ECO-RESPONSABLE and MADE IN FRANCE bags and accessories.

So many “great words” that quickly make us feel less guilty to buy them all !


photo camille Keller - vegan bag - carlin creative trend bureau

What is the creative identity of your brand CAMILLE ?

Camille follows classical timeless and ethnic bohemian inspirations. Two collections that complement and respond to themselves. Ecology and made in France are at the heart of this project.


What is your key piece of the collection?

This is without a doubt the Piñatex ™ shopping bag! This material made from fibers of pineapple leaves has the same characteristics as leather while respecting the environment.

And the gold touch brings a bit of fancy!

It’s 100% vegan and eco-responsible!


What could we find in your washing machine?

Basics and creative pieces that unite the time of a programme!


What is the most incredible garment you have ever been wearing?

Sneakers in Piñatex ™ in a Stan Smith spirit from the Nae brand.

What would you buy with 5€?

A Sprizt in Venice !

If you could wear only one color?

Black if it is one.

What is the first thing you will do after this interview?

Go check on KISSKISSBANKBANK if there are new crowdfunders! Ahaha!

What are your future projects for CAMILLE ?

– My crowdfunding on kisskissbankbank to finance this new vegan line until July 10! We offer all the new pre-sale collection at nice prices!

– We participate in Vegan Vegie World in space 104, October 14th and 15th.


Here at Carlin, we are all already fans !

If you want to make yourself a gift while supporting Camille, it is here that it happens: 


In the meantime, we wish Camille every success with her fashion and vegan accessories!


Louise taccoen
Marketing Project Manager - Womenswear Department

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