Creating a beautiful 100% merino wool and 100% Made in France sweater, for her and for him, is the challenge that the young French brand Tranquille Emile set out for us … and that we took up!

Carlin Creative and Tranquille Emile, it’s a fruitful collaboration that is lasting for three seasons, based on common values ​​and the desire to see this brand committed to French manufacturing progress.

The challenge for Quentin and Olivier, the founders of the brand, is to find the right partners, manufacturers, capable of developing their products, at affordable prices.

The challenge for us as a style and consultancy agency is to come up with the right design, both universal and easy to wear, but with that little extra something that will give it character.

Thomas Zylberman – Senior Designer

And then, of course, one of the the key-point is to correlate the design of the product with the know-how and capabilities of the manufacturer. An equation that we had the pleasure to solve for the Audacieux, the brand new sweater by Tranquille Emile and whose “pitch” could be: knowing that we have already created for the brand a striped sweater and a jacquard pattern sweater, how to imagine a solid color sweater, easy to combine on a daily basis, but which could make the difference?

We have chosen to work on grid-effect knitting, associated with a placement of ribs. For her, a “star” knit coming with a lovely rib detail at the shoulder, with a demarcation effect at the top of the bust; for him a duo of “grid” knit and fine ribs. This type of knitting helps to give relief to the mesh, to preserve the natural heat of the body and visually brings style to the product.

Beyond the design, our role was to make the right choices of yarn, gauge, knitting adjustment, colors, in partnership with the manufacturer located in Roanne, while involving the brand in the development and validation process. It is essential to know how to draw on each other’s skills and to share them: the style, the development of the prototype, the proportions and dimensions … each one has a specific role to play at the heart of this winning trio: consulting agency – manufacturer – brand.

L’Audacieux érable – femme

L’Audacieux gris 

To market the Audacieux, a quality product made locally, Tranquille Emile has chosen the option of online pre-ordering, on the Ulule platform, to finance production and find the right business model. To know more, click here.

L’Audacieux – Tranquille Emile

Indeed, one of the main challenges of Made in France is its accessibility in terms of price, its ability to reach as many people as possible and not just the designer luxury sector.The current craze for French manufacturing is based on the social and environmental quality of the products, the desire for local rather than global, and the will to preserve beautiful know-how in our various regions.But all of this should ultimately be part of a viable economic project, supported by an ambitious sense of style.

A challenge that Carlin Creative is ready to take up in partnership with its customers!

L’Aveinologie, la nouvelle expérience du vin.


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