Heuritech has analyzed the emerging trends within the collections of the more creative designers and brands worldwide and asked Carlin where do these themes come from and how our clients can adapt those to their upcoming collections.

Carlin x Heuritech: 2021 Fashion Rejuvenation

Carlin and Heuritech analyze and decode the trends that will impact both Fashion & Beauty industries.

The complementarity of our methodologies and expertise will offer you the entire information you need to elaborate your strategy and upcoming collections. Also, You will be able to collect key insights on the emerging designers to follow.


Carlin x Heuritech: 2021 Fashion Rejuvenation Report

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The report includes:
  • 4 inspiring themes to brighten 2021
  • A spotlight on trends ranging from vibrant to relaxing
  • Emerging designers and brands to look out for


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