Discover our crush at the s Who’s Next fashion trade show: young ethical brands, respectful of the environment and men !


Happy Haus is a young brand 100% ecological. Sandy the designer offers a feminine wardrobe timeless and all seasons. The cuts are designed to have a comfortable and minimalist look. The color palette alternates neutrals and soft shades: white / beige, dark blue, light blue, olive, pink and red. Promoting sustainable fashion, Happy Hauss wants to reduce its environmental footprint by using only natural organic materials as well as DETOX certified denim approved by Greenpeace. A conscious brand for a committed and elegant woman with ease.


Ector is a new sneaker brand no gender, 100% Frenchie, recycled and recyclable. Only one vegan model is available in several colors: khaki, black, ultramarine, white … Its transverse design can be worn at work, as well as until the end of the night. It is eco-designed thanks to KNIT technology that allows you to knit the piece at once with recycled plastic bottled yarn, just like its sole. A technique that does not involve loss of material. When you want to separate, it is collected to be transformed into a new pair! Ector: a comfortable, eco-friendly sneaker that revitalizes a local industry.


Studio 189 is a young feminine and masculine ethical brand, founded by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah. Awarded by the CFDA + Lexus Fashion, it offers a modern and functional wardrobe, preserving traditional African expertise and local artisans. The batiks and dyes are made in Ghana, the indigos in Mali and the weavings in Burkina Faso. Everything is handmade between Cape Coast and Bamako, assembled and sewn in Accra. A promising ready-to-wear brand which is respectful, aiming at the development of African communities of craftsmen.

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