The lingerie team visited the SIL / Mode City on 8, 9 and 10 July. If the forum Uncover was still rich of fashionable and lifestyle discoveries, we had a blast !

Overview of swim brands to follow absolutely!


Icelandic design, made in Italy, Swimslow suits are produced in a sustainable way thanks to recycled raw materials and a production mode in short circuits. In a globalized movement to minimize our impact on the environment, the creators of Slimslow intend to enhance the culture and history of Icelandic baths. In contrast to the seasonal rhythms imposed by the bath segment and the fashion industry, Slimslow imagines the bath as a central, beneficial and unifying element of our daily lives.

Wire cuttings, linear constructions combining comfort and enhancement of the silhouette draw a modern silhouette, in the air of time. The worked backs make for them the link, oh so present today, between beachwear and fashion pieces.



Another sustainable initiative! We validate and encourage it by introducing you Suro, the beach label from Majorca. Local production, recycled materials, the brand is part of an ultra-contemporary “conscious” movement.

Inspired by the global street style, where clean effortless meets sporty sharp influences, the Suro pieces make the big gap between the street and the beach, awakened by sign colors.



Founded in 2015, the brand Rose Marin already has everything of a great! Between elegance and innovation, it brings a touch of seduction to a line of essential essential, where comfort rhymes with enhancement of the silhouette.

Delicate cut, sophisticated incisions, sexy notches, Rose Marin swimsuits tells the story of a strong, sensitive and modern woman, by highlighting curves and delicate body.

Rose Marin

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