In a few words, tells us how thou art got there, how did the project?

For almost ten years I have evolved in several media agencies where I was in charge of piloting digital strategies for major retailers such as Galeries Lafayette, the Marais BHV, Beauté Prestige International. After extending my days, I would often have to chain up my day with a pro evening or having just want to go have a drink with friends without necessarily having time to take a detour home. I was arriving in myself been a real booster dressing in the trunk of my car to be dressed for any eventuality (laughs) Aware that it was not ideal, I thought that I needed a bag that would fit my moments of life that allows me to quickly go from nice working girl to the night owl, all in one glance. Having always been interested in design and immersed in the world of creation and in particular mode, (I had also created a collection young designers at Galeries Lafayette with a friend when I was 20) I so decided to take the plunge and create my own brand of handbags and luxury accessories.


What is the identity, the look, the style Limare Isadora? Why this concept? What was your approach?

I designed my first bag model for modern, versatile and bold women with a notion of comfort and practicality in my creations. As I explained, I first wanted a bag that adapts to the various times of the day. That’s why I created a real “Transformer” with a unique system that allows it to be both spacious and functional the day to better metamorphose pouch the evening. The handle of this first model is mutating into an elegant and refined cuff. Functional innovation is not incompatible with the elegance and originality of where the graphics sharpened my first model. Currently in full introspection on my report for consumption and have always been attracted by combinations of textures and colors, I wanted to incorporate a particularly original leather, high-end but also ethical: fish skin or marine leather, which provides grounds and exceptional opportunities.


What is the key piece of this first collection?

For my first collection , I worked on a single model : THE PRISM . This one comes in several colors and materials to meet the multiple desires of women. Each version has its own personality so to become iconic for the one who will adopt .



Are there a story you ‘d like to share with us around one of the rooms ?

Not necessarily around one particular room … but can be on my meeting with the fish leather which I fell in love . It is exciting and exotic leather ethics, it can take various forms more surprising as each other : the salmon is much like the python , the wolf he has no shell and speckled skin … This is an innovative , thin , flexible, and contrary to what one might think , very solid! I wanted to offer something different that makes each of my unique bags . Although it is difficult to be 100% leather eco- I wanted , like my own consumption, start incorporating this concern in my first collection.


How will the choices for the winter season?

I would free myself collections rhythms “classic” and prefers to present new collections according to my desires, my instinct and my heart strokes. This bag model is also declined this winter in 7 colors … Each piece is numbered and produced in limited edition. These compositions of colors and materials will not be re-edited subsequently.


Precisely, tell us about your relationship with the color? your favorite? Why ?

It’s very hard for me as a question. I really do not have a “favorite color”, I love them all! When I was working on my color schemes, I realized that nature was the best inspiration. We do not pay enough attention, but often you have looked closely at the colors of some exotic frogs, some bird or some flowers? It’s a little “peace and love style” as remark but I tend to be paying more and more attention and I keep always the same fascination. It feels may be in the design of my pieces, I want them to be declined to infinity.


The perfect style with a bag ISADORA LIMARE what is it?

It’s all in the attitude!


What looks like the most amazing clothing you’ve ever worn?

A catsuit, black and strapless asymmetrical. I love this uniform! And when it’s a combi Thierry Mugler can only be fantastic. I have always admired the great couturier who creates extremely revolutionary graphics cuts by highlighting the ultra femininity of women.


What is the first thing you’ll do after this interview?

Prepare my photo shoot of the season going with my photographer select outfits that will accompany my bags at my friend Carolina Ritz.


It is the news of Isadora Limare?

I am currently in pre-launch. The e-shop will be online in September, RDV on www.isadoralimare.com and distributed especially in one of my favorite Parisian shops, the very careful selection: 58M.


Where do you like to go out in Paris?

Where the wind takes me with my friends … well you’ll eventually cross me …





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