LAS VEGAS January 5 – 8, 2022

The CES Consumer Electronic Show, the unmissable annual event for the world of high tech, innovation and digital, has just completed its first hybrid session: physical and digital exhibition. After a purely digital session in 2021, which was consequently less attractive and immersive, this new à la carte formula has enabled it to return to real presentations on the show floor, complemented by conferences and online meetings.


As usual, this exhibition was rich in electronic innovations, more powerful, more connected, more or less useful. What interests us in particular is which products presented correspond to the two major topics of the moment:

  • Customisation: more and more elaborate ways to adapt a product or service to each user, for the most perfect individual experience possible.
  • Ecodesign: not usually a strong focus of the show, which concepts stand out from the crowd?

Here is our selection of products that perform well in one or other of the two areas, ideally in both. With an attractive design to boot!


With the recent difficulties of the dedicated trade shows, CES becomes the new Place-to-be for car manufacturers.

BMW iX Flow

 Photos: BMW Group

Thanks to electrophoretic technology, the BMW iX Flow is capable of changing colour at the touch of a button, going from white to dark grey in a few seconds.
This innovation makes it possible to personalise the colour of the car according to one’s mood or to display messages.
But what convinces above all is its eco-pragmatic asset: the energy efficiency of this electric car.
The heating up of the car due to strong sunlight can be reduced by choosing a light colour. In cooler weather, a dark exterior will help the car absorb more heat from the sun. These selective colour changes reduce the energy consumption needed to regulate the temperature in the car and thus extend the charging time of its battery.

Cadillac InnerSpace

Photos: General Motors

Electric and autonomous, the new Cadillac InnerSpace luxury autonomous concept car offers a vision of the future where both occupants of its cabin could be entertained with personalized augmented reality content on a giant screen while traveling. The screen interface uses artificial intelligence and biometric reading.
To replace petroleum oil, the tyres are made from soybean oil and rice husks. And with SoundComfort technology, which reduces the resonance of sound waves inside the tyre for a quiet and more relaxing drive.


Razer Project Sophia

 Photos : Razer

Razer introduces “the world’s first gaming desktop concept“. Project Sophia is a modular gaming desktop concept containing 13 separate modules that allow you to install and swap components as needed.
This futuristic vision of a versatile gaming and workstation configuration meets the very different needs of a variety of PC uses. It allows users to quickly reconfigure their desktops with almost infinite flexibility, tailoring them not only to the task at hand, but also to the user’s particular preferences.
It is aimed at all types of consumers: gamers, streamers, professionals, and especially those who juggle several of these hats.
For this project no release date or official price are announced yet, a story to be followed!


Connected beauty is now looking at simplified and personalised hair colouring.

L’Oréal Colorsonic and Coloright

L’Oréal presented two new products, one for the general public, Colorsonic, and the other for hair salons, Coloright.

Photos : L’Oréal

Colorsonic is a device that simplifies all the laborious operations of hair colouring at home.
Two cartridges, one for the dye and the other for the developer, are inserted into the device. The mixing is done automatically, and the colour is applied like a brush stroke.
This is accompanied by a more ecological design: The plastic of the device is recycled post-consumption. As are the cartridges, which are also recyclable. The disposable gloves are replaced by a single, reusable one. 
The Colorsonic will be available in early 2023.

Photos : L’Oréal

For professional hairdressers, the brand offers the Coloright concept: a device that makes it possible to diagnose the hair and, above all, to know the history of colours applied. An artificial intelligence, via an application available on a tablet, then allows the user to try out the proposed colours in virtual reality, wherever they are in the world. Thanks to a patented algorithm, it promises to offer ultra-personalised and very precise colouring with 1,500 possible shades.
L’Oréal has announced that it will be launched soon.



Photos : Ninu

Ninu is a portable device that can create a personalised fragrance through an app.
This “smart perfumeoffers 100 fragrances in a single bottle. The device connects via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS smartphone. Using the app, the user can choose from a set of predefined fragrances created by master perfumers, or request AI assistance to select a fragrance based on time of day, mood and weather.
A perfume offering that is both customisable and sustainable – one device replaces many bottles of perfume and the cartridges are recyclable.
After an initial presentation last year, the final concept is now completing its order on Kickstarter and will be available for pre-order via Indiegogo on demand.



Photos : Auum

A glass disinfected at high temperature to replace thousands of discarded cups.
Auum-S cleans, disinfects and dries a glass in 10 seconds with only 2 cl of water and without any chemicals. 4 times more compact than a conventional dishwasher, it is 6 times less energy consuming and 360 times faster! A simple, fast and ecological way to reduce waste and encourage reuse in companies.
In addition, Auum, an acronym for “Arrêtons l’Usage Unique” (“Let’s stop using it only once”), is strengthening its eco-responsible approach by basing its assembly and production in France, as close as possible to its customers.
The French start-up is aiming to open its doors to Switzerland and Benelux in 2022.

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