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 « I was writing one day that it is heavy and light, simple and incomprehensible, born from fire but cold, liquid then rigid, soft and hurtful, predictable in its variability, obvious and unfathomable, unalterable and always unexpected, breakable and solid, physical and immaterial, everything and its opposite… Glass expresses both material and immaterial assets. The material has several lives, several identities. I see it as an interface, an edge, but also a pivot with open borders.”

Emmanuel Barois interviewed by Jean-François Pousse


Thanks to his outstanding mastery of constraints and techniques of glass, The Atelier Emmanuel Barrois is recognized in design, culture, architecture and luxury. Always seeking for new esthetical and technical solutions, the Atelier knows how and who to work with to make a new concept materialize. In his hand glass becomes a medium for expression that surprises us, that lets us pensive and that transports us. The Atelier redesigns glass again and again to push back the limits of this material yet settled in our daily life.











Eddie – By Philippe Bompas // Woa architecture agency // Atelier Emmanuel Barois

Photo Atelier Emmanuel Barois


Grand Palais, 2015. The work Eddie intrigues us. Technical prowess in distortion and moiré technique, it calls us to mind. Its fluid and light aspect and its watery effects mislead us about its making: it is actually a 1cm thickness glass.



Facade of Crozatier museum – Puy en Velay

Photo Atelier Emmanuel Barois


Another fascinating project: the Atelier has adorned the facade of the Crozatier museum, Puy en Velay, with 400 unique glass panels. Each panel has been made in a different way, to give this rocky relief to the glass. The facade comes alive with meteorological variations: numerous captivating aesthetics reflect in a natural way, giving a unique charisma to the building.



 Inside The Horizon by Olafur Eliasson, fondation Louis Vuitton

Photo Atelier Emmanuel Barois


In another dynamic, the work « Inside the horizon » at the Louis Vuitton foundation transports us in a spatial experience where shadow, light and changing perspectives are mixing together. It is made of 43 triangular columns, with 1 side made of yellow glass lit from inside and 2 sides made of simple mirrors. The installation imposes its staging: we find ourselves lost among all reflects, for a perturbing effect.

That goes to show that material will always surprise us! Passionate about material exploration, for its aspect or color or finishes… at Carlin, we love renewal! We fell for the Atelier Emmanuel Barrois with his process of research that allows the glass to take new surprising, invigorating and dynamic aspects!

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