The end of the lockdown announced for May 11th will be masked. To provide everybody, caregivers or private individuals, a mask to protect themselves, more and more brands have started to manufacture them. Indeed, many fashion factories have been transformed into mask workshop.

To reinforce all these initiatives, the writer Alexandre Jardin wanted to multiply the work of the “Masques en Nord” collective: fashion actors who create masks for everyone. The operation attracted Paris Good Fashion association, which brings together sixty companies, professional and eco-responsible organization, NGOs, etc.

They work to connect designers, amateurs or professionals, with companies or volunteers who respond to a call for donations on leboncoin. They sew almost night and day thanks to these raw materials coming from unsold stock. Then, the people who have reserved their masks on the masquesolidaire.fr website come to collect them in the participating stores. The objective is to produce 25 million masks for the quarantine’s end.

H&M was the first company to get involved in this project. They are now organizing the transport of their fabrics in Europe. Then Maje and BonTon joined them, as well as Galeries Lafayette, Intermarché, Monoprix and Carrefour, which are making their stores available.

Each person can therefore register on the website to donate cotton sheets or start making masks. On your machines!

@parisgoodfashion #masquesolidaire


Created in 2013 by Morgane Sézalory, the brand has always been willing to commit itself. On the one hand with the implementation of DEMAIN solidarity program in 2017 financed by four initiatives:

  • Every 21st of the month, 10% of Sézane and October sales are donated to DEMAIN.
  • On the same day, a new product is launched for which all the profits go to the programme.
  • A solidarity shop offering archives as well as second-hand Sézane pieces sold for the benefit of the projects supported by DEMAIN.
  • Finally, by offering volunteer time to act with their partner associations.

On the other hand, through its sustainable program. Sézane is the first French fashion brand with an alternative and innovative production model, not proposing sales and avoiding overproduction, offering products at the right price all year round.

Today in this unprecedented context, Sezane reinforces its commitment donating 10% of its daily turnover to the emergency aid fund of the French Hospitals Foundation. Also, it highlights good actions set up by brands or individuals on its Instagram account. Every day, it shares initiatives that may need support: biscuits with sweet messages sent to health care workers, chefs organizing resistance to provide them meals, a correspondence by letter project for EHPAD … All these solidarity initiatives can be found in Sézane newspaper in the category mutual aid. You can also read the section “quartier libre” which includes exhibitions, documentaries, videos, concerts… all available from your sofa.



The current pandemic is weakening health systems all around the world. More and more products are in shortage: medical equipment, masks and gowns but also clothing.

The American brand Crocs, which has been worn by healthcare workers for many years, has also wanted to get involved. These shoes appreciated for their comfort, made of lightweight plastic, are also easy to wash, which is useful in these establishments where hygiene rules are very strict. More than half a million pairs have therefore been sent to hospitals in several countries affected by the coronavirus: USA, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Austria.

The company is currently working to extend this project to other countries. They are listening to each new request and wish to continue to respond as long as they possibly can.



Created in 1994, M.A.C Viva Glam was established to raise funds to support people affected by and living with HIV. How? By donating the entire sale price (not the profits generated) of the three lipsticks of this range to NGOs. Twenty-six years later, and five hundred million dollars in donations afterwards, the brand remains committed to people in need.

Recently, they logically made a $10 million donation to support health services for vulnerable communities affected by the coronavirus. A press release from the brand states that:

“This additional support will provide M.A.C.’s current partners with emergency relief funds to carry on providing vital services, including ensuring food supplies, keeping clients informed and under treatment, and by testing and treating diagnosed cases, especially those who are immunocompromised.”

These three iconic shades allow us to support those who need it most during the crisis. Buying make-up locally to lead to global change.



The Ysé concept: combining the good, the beautiful and the fair. The French lingerie brand pays great attention to the fitting and the materials used: soft and qualitative for flattering models while being comfortable. Working with the best is essential, especially for the lace, created in Calais. The products with pure lines sublimate the beauty of each woman. Freedom and peace are the key words.

For a young brand like Ysé, every order counts. With this in mind, they carried on launching their new collections even though shops were closed. The latest one is “Le soleil en nous” (ie the sun inside us), the second part of their beach line. In order to stage this special launch, they asked two influencers to become models and photographers. First, Diane (@diane.kari), founder of Fripouille vintage, a Parisian company selecting ultra-trendy second hand clothes and organizes private sales. Then Marion from @fringeandfrange, the bohemian mother behind the brand of hats made in France, Fringe and Frange. These two inspiring and trendy women have then become the new muses. Lockdown obliges, the two shootings were done at home, in the bedroom or living room.

The result is a bit retro, very beautiful and sunny, proving that summer has already started. Products are staged in real life in pictures full of charm, close to the brand’s DNA. Being creative and resilient will have been the essential principles of this new period.


To access a bunch of other initiatives, please visit this website. Created by Uzful (a consulting firm dedicated to committed brands), this web page called #brandsgoviral lists the covid-19 special mobilization actions on the French market in different industries. Neither fashion nor beauty, but they are still crush initiatives.


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