Keur Paris is a hand-embroidered clothing brand based in Paris. It was born in 2014 when Eva Bromberg, the creator, embroidered a heart on a tee-shirt intended for her lover. Colette, American Apparel and Uniqlo count as the most iconic collaborations of the brand.

Regarding the current situation, the brand has decided to commit itself by donating these profits to the emergency fund created by the Assistance Publique- Hopitaux de Paris to help health care personnel and support research. Four models already allow customers to do a good deed ” BOBO AU COEUR ” ” CALIN PLANETE ” COEURFINEMENT ” and ” SPREAD THE LOVE “.

To supplement this range, the brand offers a competition on its Instagram account to create the next embroidered tee-shirts designs. Two of the most beautiful drawing representing the mantra “Spread love, not the virus” will be added to the collection and support the AP-HP. Everyday, the brand shares all its creations and brings balm to our hearts.

@Keur Paris


Organic cotton clothes made in France and Portugal, accessories, Meuf Paris offers a whole bunch of products “feel good for today’s chicks”. Inclusive, committed and inspiring are the terms that best define it.

Inclusive. Because it offers products for everyone, up to size 3XL.

Committed. Through their actions with the association La Maison des femmes: for each order placed on the site, 1€ is returned to them.

Inspiring. Thanks to their content on social networks. Especially through their Instagram account which informs and entertains the community from the very the beginning of the confinement. Every week, they offer several live talks or sports session, share inspirations and above all make us feel less guilty about the female beauty diktats but also reduce the pressure that social networks can generate during this strange period.

As for many companies, in order not to endanger anyone, they have decided to take a break on their deliveries. Even more than usual, Meuf Paris needs the support of all their clients and community.

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Patou is a Couture house with a century-old past. It was founded in 1914 by Jean Patou and is now directed by Guillaume Henry. To swing into action against the virus spreading, the brand decided to make a commitment by donating 100% of its revenues to the World Health Organization Foundation which fights against the spread of the disease.

To do this, Patou offers for sale since Wednesday on its website two products: a black t-shirt and a white sweatshirt. Available for 130€ and 250€, the products will be delivered in GOTS-certified ecological packaging. To extend this movement, the solidarity fashion company encourages its customers to share pictures of their new product with the hashtags #Patouteam #Patouseul and #Patougether.



Originally Seasonly is a skincare brand offering natural, easy-to-use and highly effective products. Created for real women, it sets its clean thinking as a new standard rather than just a trend: cleverly sourced ingredients, recycled packaging and a blacklist of harmful ingredients for our skin.

Seasonly’s mantra «between science, nature and pleasure» reasonates in its gym skincare studio. The idea is a 30-minute facial massage to reboost oneself. The place is inspired by New York self-care places. More than a cosmetics brand, they define themselves as a self-care brand whose mission is to help women and men to feel good.

To benefit the good mood and sincerity of the brand, you can subscribe to their newsletter and go to their Instagram page created for the occasion @Seasonlist . What’s on? Unmissable special recipes for lockdown, great initiatives (like @sauvetonresto, a solidarity platform that will allow us to do a good deed and anticipate our future party), news made fun of (see the crisis: Farine is the new TP) but also inspirations, readings or simply illustrations that give us a smile. On a daily basis, it provides us tips on how to survive or simply put into perspective the fact that we are all locked in. Seasonlist is a breath of fresh air at a time when we are forced to be housebounded.



Is a monthly box offering 5 personalized beauty miniature to their subscribers. Each month, everyone receives a novelties selection: hair, skincare and makeup products.

Like many, they wanted to contribute on their own scale and help everyday heroes. At their disposal, a stock of boxes originally allocated to new subscriptions. In order to best distribute those reserves, Birchbox asked for help from their community: to give them their relatives names working in the medical field. Once this list was established, 3,000 boxes were sent to various medical facilities in order to bring them some cheer up and support. The operation has already been carried out in France and is being prepared in the USA on a larger scale (nearly 40,000 boxes to be donated).

At their level, Birchbox and many other brands have therefore sent cosmetic products to hospitals. Among these companies, we could also mention: Le Petit Olivier, Académie Scientifiques de Beauté, Baija, L’Onglerie, Byphasse, Nocibé, Eau Thermale Avène… etc.



The LVMH Group was the first to announce producing hydroalcoholic gel at the start of containment. GuerlainDior and Givenchy’s perfume factories are mobilized to contribute to the production of the sanitizer. In total, more than twelve tons of gel have already been supplied in one week to 39 AP-HP hospitals.

Since then, many other companies have made all their resources available to help healthcare professionals: La Roche Posay has been able to supply hydroalcoholic gels in large numbers, Garnier has distributed several million units free of charge, Eugéne Perma, the Guinot,Coty, Pierre Fabre, L’Occitane, Naos and Provalliance groups have also transformed their factories or donated equipment.

The Clarins group has also reviewed the organization of their production lines. More than 14,000 bottles have already been delivered and announced as just the first step in the aid they could provide to hospital staff.

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