Daniela Schmid

At only 23 years old, Esmod Paris student Daniela Schmid from Switzerland participates in the Hyères Festival. After working at Céline and UNX studios, the young designer saw her career launch by winning not only the women’s grand prize but also the Eco-conception Eco TLC prize worth 2,500 euros for her look created with an “upcycled” approach.


A fusion of construction and illusion, her collection seduces all juries. Daniela offers us a revisited tailoring spirit, inspired by the masculine wardrobe. The young designer redefines the style of women tailoring by mixing architecture with her strict tuxedo without complex. The two universes naturally coexist on pieces that have obviously been revisited

Werk 12 – Daniela Schmid

The lines appear and disappear on the garment, creating the optical illusion, architect’s plans are printed on the shirts, the buttons disappear to give us a magnificent androgynous look. As for the colors, we remain on a monochrome range, where black and white reigns.

Werk 12 – Daniela Schmid

A freshly graduated student who already promises us many surprises.

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