Dark colors for summer: we told you so!

Black Sunshine, our key theme for Summer 2018, renews the way of using dark colors during Summer.

A fundamental and fascinating power captivates the summer 2018. Our connection to nature changes, at the heart of volcanic landscapes and arid lands. We relearn how to adapt and survive in today’s hot, rugged nature whose dark exoticism and unpredictable conditions attract us. We accept the awesome forces of this strange – and sometimes dangerous – beauty, to which we want to be confronted.

Colors are all about sophisticated darks, like a twilight atmosphere. In textured mock-blacks, they are juxtaposed in a monochrome gradient, tinted with a blue reflection. Colors are fascinating and attractive, for a nonstandard Summer.

A rough love is symbolized with the materials. Volcanic rocks inspire innovation with rugged, uneven shapes and surfaces. Textures are intriguing for the touch and sight. They absorb light of perfectly reflect it, to let free the relief of a coarse nature.

The sheer magic of this telluric force turns even the most functional shapes into bewitching expressions of the oh-desirable!

Crédits :

La Réunion Island, photo Franck GRONDIN – LAVA by PECA – Dries Van Noten SS17 – Mirror by Fernando Mastrangelo – Barbara Buy SS17 – Materials, photo CARLIN – Colors CARLIN  – Cover picture: Cindy Gravelat for Carlin

Flavie Benard and Virginie Mourouvin
Colour Department


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