Tick-Tock-tick-tock. We all have dreamed about it, the French post quarantine period is showing up on our screens in few days… just more few days to meet again legally (of course respecting the rules and the security distances) his or her boyfriend/girlfriend, his partner, her grand-ma, his lover, her florist. But are we really ready for this back to normal situation? Are we not going rather to a questioning of this “normality”?

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The post-confinement, more important to prepare than the confinement ?

Between confinement D-1 and D-15 – First of all, one of the first statements was that “the confinement may change our way to consume” or even than it’s going to alter our relations with others. Time for yourself, (sometimes too much), focus on yourself and your relatives, do the boring or playful things we never have time to do (such as reading, cooking, sport, coloring, sorting), realizing the good effects of this consuming slow down for the earth. We all have to face it, but can we really talk about a true awareness of the population regarding its consumption?

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Quid of resilience, (Yes that one), that keeps us motivated since few weeks now? As we have at length evocated through our two first articles #quarantineinstructionsguide, the companies has understood and have dealed with that, they have to participate to the war effort and/or adapt their activity.

Prepare the post-confinement…

That is said; those professionals have had and have to think about their activity post-confinement. The companies keep on maintaining contact with their community, to prospect their affect, to increase their empathy and their trust, to in fine stand out from their competitors.

For example, we can talk about Monoprix, which via Instagram offers to its followers to leave support messages to its employees, messages that are spread in the concerned shops. As far as the luxury houses are concerned, they haven’t waited for keeping going the dream to their admirers, whatsoever spreading “a memory game” in which you live again pieces or periods of time through iconic photos (Dior) or creating freely immersive path ways of its exhibition (Louboutin).

Let’s play! in the time waiting to have the ability to go back shopping for real! This is the credo of The Kooples, which has defied its aficionados Instagram by launching a quiz about the history of the brand. We can also take in example the SMCP brand, Sandro who has created a line of tee-shirts “Stay strong” whose profits will be transferred to the Croix-Rouge.

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Original but efficient, in the US the beer brand Stella Artois has planned a #weddingcontest in order to help couples to get married after the confinement. This new social media campaign aims at financing the marriage of a separated couple during the confinement “Far for you, but yes I do”.

The restoration sector, one of the most reached by this unprecedented crisis is being busy too. The famous Italian group Big Mamma has proved it. What has been considered as unthinkable before the confinement has become the new strategy of the house. YES, the carry out service such as the home delivery is from now on possible!

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Try hard to bring together to overcome the negative effects of the confinement on our psyche? That is one of the strategies chosen by many. What’s best rather than sport to feel united? Adidas Runtastic or even Oysho has got it by organizing live sessions. What’s more to win the clients loyalty or seduce the potential ones? So, are you more cardio training or yoga?

Of course, how not to mention music or dance as unfailing factors for the social link maintenance? Thanks to Spotify for example, the musical platform through which our ears joyfully succumb to the “sound of Chanel” playlist or the Virgil Abloh’s one “Music journey ”. Who says music, says dance! Here we can give the applause to Marine Serre’s initiative, who has shared to her community a “Body party” session with the Belgium dancer Nick Coutsier, far away from the common rigid sport sessions. Obviously, DJs and nightclubs are not left aside and make you dance every night through their exclusive lives.

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A very good numbers of initiatives, which allow us to question: are we really going to consume differently, even “less”?

When observed the bursting of the telephonic hotlines in our hairdressers, in every area, or even the three hours waiting at Mcdonald’s drive once reopened? We can doubt it.

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The mindsets have supposed to have evolved since this confinement and that unprecedented sanitary crisis? Well, let’s see what is happening from the traders and industrials sides. From the industry, let’s for instance observe and analyze our Asian fellows situation. Quid of China? That country, from where the covid came from, usually adept of our best practices. And yet, it’s towards him that every eye is turned and is scrolling by proxy their post-quarantine instructions. Well, it appears that the rush to the brands that were closed until now hasn’t been waited. We can testimony that point with the example of that Saturday, April 11th, opening day of the second biggest Hermès of the country in Guangzhou, where the sales record was reached (according to the Women’s Wear Daily) with a total of 19 million Yuan spent (2,46 million Euros). Thailand, on its side, still in health emergency, has forbidden alcohol sales until the end of May. The dark market boom in terms of wine boxes orders let us think that the sales of alcohol post-confinement will be tremendous for sure.

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We are far from the “de consumption” assured at the beginning of the confinement!

Apprehend the post-confinement with resiliency…

And if we foresee that Covid-19, that virus, as the fertilizer, the accelerator of little seeds already hammered in every industry. More than an accelerator, we can even consider that pandemic as the true indicator of the strength and weaknesses of our industries pre 2020.

We have talked about durability since many years now. This is then without any surprise that numerous reports see it as one of the most important criteria in the consumers decision makings from now on. (Even the most important in some areas)

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The race for innovation has always been at stake. Well, wouldn’t it be the opportunity to reinvent itself? To rethink about its global strategy, apprehend differently its communication by taking ownership of that virus we will have to live with from now on?

If the barrier gestures will become an opportunity for the brands to create new ways of communication, of expression? For instance, why not considering the mask as a new fashion accessory, such as a pair of glasses. Regularly washing the hands? A bargain for the companies that produce soaps or other hygienic products to highlight certain ranges and references sometimes concealed.

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Let’s focus on the fashion industry, that sector classified into the “non-necessary goods”. An industry that is going very bad and slow. According to Les Echos, for example, we face a loss of income reaching 83 million Euros for the Parisian department stores Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. Unfortunately, we can fear that the reduction to one person by 10m2 in shops, the physical detachment, but also the obligation to disinfect every piece tried on by a client before another one can touch it… are as many coercions that could slow drastically even the most audacious among us… It may be the opportunity to resolve the headache of the client experience in digital platforms, a stake more and more differentiating for the brands.

Balmain SS20 at Opéra Garnier in Paris 09/27/2019 – Photo : FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP

So, what’s about the consumption of the new decade?

RDV in few days to find out…

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