Photo on one : When Formafantasma and Yoji Tokuyoshi combine with Lexus … experiential ! @ Creative D.R Carlin Trend Bureau

Once rich and abundant session for El Salone del Mobile 2016 ! The C.M.F./Intérieur team has settled for a week to Milan and back to you with its blows of heart and a return notice on the new wave in design.

First blow of heart : A south wind blowing at Marni and Smeg ! In the first , a cumbia dance is open all week , making us discover the new collection of outdoor furniture and fabrics worn by the dancers . In the second , is that Dolce & Gabbana covers fridges famous of these printed legendary Tuscan !


Marni BallHaus Salone del Mobile 2016 @Marni




Smeg + Dolce&Gabanna @D.R Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

On the sidelines of the Fair , young designers approach the design from a new perspective : exploration of matter and form combined with the importance of know-how rather than the exposure of a finished product. Besides the era of all connected seems to be over , interactivity and innovation hide and remain a means and not an end.

Again, the intention is more important than the demonstration , we no longer attends 3D plastic print sessions but designers who give us their discoveries. Exploring matter, they shed light on new creative modes .


We+ @2016 we+ All Rights Reserved


Collectif Envisions@D.R Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

6Urtica – Nina Gautier @D.R Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

The Envisions collective, shows anything but the end product and Nina Gautier of EindhovenDesignAcademy exposes us all possibilities and properties of nettles . And when this “exploration” of the design , our attention is especially arrested on these ( new ) skills!

Their approach to design is between poetry and offset. They experience an eclectic manner , contemporary design with technology and materiality.

7Patience – We+ @2016 we+ All Rights Reserved

8Drift – We+ @2016 we+ All Rights Reserved

9Vestige – we+ @D.R Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

// Marlène Huissoud
His objects are fascinating, almost unreal. She had already captivated us with his project From Insects and black intense . Again she surprised us by combining the natural beeswax and mirror shards . Brilliant !

10Of insects & men – Marlène Huissoud @D.R Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

This designer has a motto: sustainability ! It is also in the exploration of the material to a more diverse world. It focuses on the ecology and only works with industry respectful of biodiversity, integrating sustainable development throughout the process , from production to the lifetime of the object. Model to follow…


Slow water project – Brook Sigal @D.R Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

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