I’ve always laughed about being born a century late. No matter where I go, I try to go back in time; to go back to the old era and the beautiful Belle Epoque. I’m speaking about the lavish Paris that you can imagine at the angle of a Haussmannian building or under an arbor where you can almost see Monet or Renoir working on their canvas.

That’s how I developed a romantic and nostalgic relationship this Paris, and that’s also where I find my inspiration and, most importantly, my strong beliefs in a slow world. No need to say that I completely identify with Carlin’s SS22 theme Pavane.

Matis Mondet


When in Paris, I’m looking for peaceful places full of nature at first, which is not very common. I particularly love the Jardin des plantes with the Natural History Museum right at its center. That’s probably where my fantasies can express the best. From the park to the museum and its collections of stuffed animals, we can almost feel the excitement of the end of the XIXth French century and the bold Republic which looked like an Empire.

Matis Mondet – Jardin des Plantes – 75005 Paris


Follow sweet and poetical smells if you want to pinpoint me. On my way to the Jardin des Plantes I always spend some in the Bloody Mary, a small old book store. There, I find old books of great quality – especially from the Pléiade collection – which are still affordable.

Bloody Mary bookshop – 75005 Paris


There is no place like St-Ouen flea market to shop vintage goods? The high prices make the challenge even more interesting: an interesting and affordable good has become rare, and that’s where the treasure hunt starts. A lord’s ring, a coat that would have belonged to a celebrity and even a small safe hidden at the core of a terrestrial globe… My apartment started looking like a twenty-square-meter castle because of this kind of place!

St-Ouen Flea market – 93400 Saint-Ouen


I’m a bit of a purist to the point where I’m not a huge fan of chain thrift shops. I prefer gloomy independent thrift shops in the Marais and its neighborhoods. Among them, I particularly love Come on Eileen, a Rivoli-street located one, specialized in high quality vintage goods. That’s where I found my favorite pieces from my closet.

Come on Eileen – 75004 Paris


It’s now perfectly clear that I prefer second-handed objects which have a story to tell or to guess. I find them in small nameless storage room and bizarre bazaar. What attracts me the most is the uniqueness that emerges in their imperfections and the small details of their past. Thus, you can guess an argument or an accident that used to crack a vase for instance. There is a storage room that I particularly love near the station Jules Joffrin on subway line 12. It doesn’t have any name but countless of articles to the extent that it’s sometimes hard to open the door. What never changes on the contrary is the excitement that running through your veins when you feel you’re about to discover a treasure.

Storage room near Jules Joffrin


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