While brand initiatives and generational awareness led by the stars have shaken codes and allowed women to accept their forms, the Millenials go further by redefining the codes of seduction.

This target knows well its body and highlights it by coming out of the established standards: for example, thong is no longer rated (-7% of volume sales in 2015) and high-waisted panties and pants are the new vectors of sensuality (+ 17% of volume sales in 2015). At issue: a more relaxed generation as regards the expression of its femininity and a ready-to-wear which diversifies – wide pants and high waist are now de rigueur.

Lingerie then undergoes a real upheaval. Formerly illustrated by mannequins with displayed forms and glamorous makeup, not being able to extricate itself from the traditional male fantasy, it becomes today the vector of a natural assumed and valued.

It is the new equation of the beautiful: singularity + charisma.

The telescopes between natural and seduction blur the tracks. New brand initiatives prove that sexy is elsewhere. A new expression of femininity, more current and less fantasized lays the foundations for a fluidity of the traditional segments reviewed in a more modern way.

Inspired and inspired brands that play the sublime natural:

The Nude Label

An effortless lingerie, thought to sublimate the body without forgetting the comfort and ease, prerequisite of modern lingerie. The brand is inspired by ready-to-wear, and the notion of “uniform”, good basics easy to associate, which emphasizes the well-being of the pieces by guaranteeing a highlighting of the silhouette.

A conceptual and holistic approach to lingerie.

The Nude Label

Base Range

A contemporary philosophy based on fundamentals: create a clean, easy to wear and accessible lingerie. Base Range has a transversal ethic, both in style and in its positioning. Half way between modern culture and the natural world, the brand is distinguished by a desire to develop a clean and ethical lingerie, with a licked design, no frills, with a promise to sublimate natural beauty.

Base Range


When the codes of lingerie meet seamless, basic comfort and seduction products blur the tracks. Linking games and sexy garters are renewed in contact with a purified cotton, for an alternative version of lingerie seduction.

Marieyat lingerie reveals a femininity that is sensitive and assertive, modern, where comfort does not hinder the development of silhouettes frank and full.


Marketing Project Manager – Intimacy


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