equip HOTEL // 11-15 November 2018

Paris Parc des Expositions (Porte de Versailles)

Every two years EquipHotel Paris is the benchmark gathering for the Hospitality and Catering industry. This year’s fair showed more than 105 000 professionals in attendance, 1 600 exhibitors on display and represented 133 countries.

As a multi-specialist event encompassing 30 sectors of activity, EquipHotel showcases an exhaustive range of products and solutions, from furniture and interiors to kitchen equipment and food, and from spas and bathrooms to technology. Carlin spotted the most innovative products for you.




Marianka is a space design firm specializing in interactive, sensory and luminous surfaces. These surfaces are based on a patented technology, called “La Matière Bavarde / Talkative Matter”, an innovation able to transform all surfaces into a switch.

Intelligent underlayment materials make it possible to create zones of interaction. They are invisibles and ergonomic large surface switches that adapt to all types of needs.

From the bedroom to the bathroom, through the entrance hall, a simple touch of these surfaces can turn on or turn off the lights.


The Alliance Hotels was founded nearly 3 years ago with the idea of forming a commercial partnership around expert solutions providers, dedicated to the hotel industry. Today the Alliance Hotels is Cisa, Bose, Daikin, Hoyst and the Hager and Hager Services brands.

The concept is to offer a quality package of complementary solutions for the automation of the rooms: from the opening of the doors, while passing by the lighting and the sound system, the connected TV, the solutions of air-conditioning and improvement of the quality of the air, everything is included to create an unparalleled and ultra-personalised atmosphere in the hotel room.


Eco-conception and substainable products start to emerge.


Comatec makes a point of developing recyclable, biodegradable or compostable (certified EN 13432 and OK compost) products in order to limit their environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the design process through to the end of their lives.Their approach to Sustainable Development is based on three key challenges: French (local) production, eco-design and social responsibility.

“Paille en paille = Straw in Wheat Straw » aims to reduce the pollution coming from the one-way plastic straws used in Hospitality. It won the Innov18 by L’Innovore & EquipHotel contest. A small thing that can make a big difference!



Stylish fitness equipment manufactured with wood from renewable forests in Germany and in the US which blend into any home environment like a piece of furniture. A great combination of sustainable materials, seek design and innovative technology makes their collection an outstanding offer in the sports equipment industry.

Their latest product the NOHrD Bike – an indoor cycle with an innovative, aesthetic design is a good example. Using advanced planetary gearing with a solid wood and steel frame, this bike is extremely durable, perfectly suited for professional use in the fitness studio or home gym.

Nohrd – Waterrover


New Zealand-based Revology Design Studio presented design #1, the world’s first chair made using linen fibre composites, bio-based materials and recycled brass. Each chair will be numbered with an exclusive serial number and the year of its creation. Timeless sustainable luxury built for modern lives. 



The panel of connected services is getting larger, targeting a variety of actions: simplification of communication, access, survey of cleanliness, baggage management and other customer services.


Concierge for hospitality

Concierge For Hospitality has the familiar appearance of a bell that can be found in traditional hotel lobbies. This smart button simplifies customer relations as it offers one physical tool, easy to handle for many interactions. Inroom and Connected to Wi-Fi, it is able to adjust the temperature, turn on the TV or turn off the lights, but also communicate with the reception.



traQ’food® is an innovative and clever mobile app (smartphone and tablet) combined with a connected thermometer/sensor for catering and catering professionals. It simplifies and manages all the daily tasks of the Sanitary Control Plan: food traceability, monitoring of HACCP procedures, and the Guide to Good Hygiene Practices.



Paris info

Eelway is a French start-up created in 2016, developing services and tools for Customer Experience, before and after the stay, around recurring and stressful issues such as luggage and forgotten objects in the room.

With their BtoB offer Hotels can propose to their customers to have their luggage delivered to train stations and airports; Eelway takes also in charge the sending of forgotten items.


New more spectacular designs for wellness spaces. Light, colour and new materials combined to hi-tech create stunning ambiances miles away from the usual Nordic naturality.




Sophisticated presents from the hotel to the guest showcase elegance and modern designs.


1st french brand of customized powerbank ACCOO offers to mobile users’ custom designed powerbanks printed in UV HD quadricolor for a high quality product manufactured in France. Perfect modern gift for prospects, customers and co-workers. The powerbank is packed in an elegant box, which contains an ecological hemp bag and a message card, all being personalisable.


Tailor made chocolate for hotels and their customers. Recipes from great chocolate chefs, high-end ingredients and above all a trendy and seductive presentation and packaging make this product a must-have!

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