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As spring approaches, weariness over the length of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed is compounded by the anguish of a hazy context, with no end-of-crisis date being set. In this period when fears seem to supplant hopes for change, why not give the floor to young entrepreneurs who actively participate, through their project, in the creation of a different world?

We had the opportunity to talk to Anne Wonner, founder of ESTAMPE COSMETICS. Officially launched in early 2021, Estampe is the first natural, eco-designed and gender-neutral make-up brand in France. Driven by the desire to go beyond gender and to help each person gain self-confidence, this young brand offers a new vision of make-up and beauty.

Hello Anne! How would you define your “Estampe” project and how did the idea for its creation come about?

Hello Carlin! Estampe is an eco-designed and gender-neutral makeup brand that helps build self-confidence, without veiling or modifying our uniqueness. This idea was born from a simple observation: we wear makeup to gain self-confidence. However, neither beauty nor self-confidence are linked with gender. It therefore seems right today to open this category to anyone interested, without freezing the use of these products in a given gender.

Anne – Founder of Estampe

Can you tell us more about this desire to go beyond gender for your makeup? Why define yourself as a “non-gender” brand, rather than a unisex one?

First of all, it is important to remember that “gender” is above all cultural and social, while “sex” is biological. A person’s gender is made up of their behaviors, body language, style, or any other non-biological attribute. At Estampe, we deconstruct a binary vision of gender, an idea according to which a person is either female or male. We approach gender first and foremost as a fluid notion, variable over time and from person to person. In our opinion, beauty is above all an energy and it is expressed in all genders. Once this has been explained, it is therefore clear that using the term “unisex” is not correct and too narrow to include the maximum diversity that makes up this world.

F Campaign

H Campaign

As stated on your site: “helping each person gain self-confidence” is your goal. What vision of beauty and make-up do you want to communicate with Estampe?

Beauty standards

Make-up has often conveyed an ultra glamorous, even sexualized image of women. The industry has created erroneous visions of the results possible thanks to make-up, via advertisements where the complexion of a model was ultra photoshopped (major retailers have even been pinned down for false advertising). I think these unattainable standards of beauty have us all impacted in our self-esteem. In the same way that reserving make-up for women marginalized anyone else who wanted to use it. Why do that ?

Our vision is that of simple, natural and pleasant make-up, which we use to do good for ourselves, and not to conform to societal norms. It’s make-up that goes beyond gender stereotypes. Finally, it is make-up that is committed to the environment, with a natural, refillable and plastic-free range.

“Our make-up is natural and eco-designed, we are committed to respecting a high rate of naturalness” can be read on your site. How does this eco-responsible commitment translate in practice inside your brand?

Light beige concealer

Our eco-responsible commitment is reflected mainly on two levels. First of all, we find it at the level of formulas, of composition. We have established a strict “blacklist” of ingredients. We have therefore excluded a large number of controversial ingredients or ingredients proven to be harmful to the skin but also to the environment because they are not very biodegradable. Secondly, our commitment is visible at the packaging level. We have thus created a universal (because it is compatible with all the references in the range) and refillable case in cork, a naturally renewable material, 100% natural and collected in Spain. Our packaging is plastic-free and made in a country bordering France. We have managed to stay local in an industry where the majority of containers are usually made in Asia. For our products, manufacturing is carried out either in France or in northern Italy.


Cork case

Their pre-orders were open until February 21. Can you tell us what products make up your very first range?

Today we have 4 basics for a fresh complexion: a lip balm, a concealer, a mattifying powder and a bronzer.

Before even launching your crowdfunding campaign, you went from just talking about inclusivity to implementing action, setting up (successfully) a podcast and monthly participatory photoshoots. Can you tell us more about these two formats, their objectives and impacts on the construction of Estampe and its community?

The podcast for us is a way of talking to other entrepreneurs who want to have a positive impact on society and it is also being able to talk about Estampe from the inside out. Besides that, our participatory photoshoots are a way of realizing our mission: to give people confidence. We allow members of our community to be photographed in the studio, by pros and in exchange they testify about their vision of beauty.


This makes it possible to highlight a plural vision of beauty. It is important not to impose any more discourse or standards but to leave room for the expression of one another.

#egoboost photoshoot – @estampecosmetics

What positive impact did these periods of quarantine have, according to you, on the vision of beauty and make-up in our society?

I think we realized thanks to the successive quarantines that we were doing a lot of things to comply with the outside world. Forced to stay at home a lot, we stopped doing certain things that we imposed on ourselves on a daily basis, or on the contrary, we tried new things without fear of the eyes of others. The positive lesson is therefore that we have rediscovered the pleasure of doing things for ourselves and not to exist in the eyes of others. A lesson which, I sincerely hope, will be preserved over time.

Any development projects and objectives for Estampe in 2021?

The big project is the launch of the e-commerce site Estampe and (I hope) the development of new products before the end of 2021!

Self love revolution

Thank you very much Anne, for sharing your inspiring answers.

Find more information and follow the great ESTAMPE adventure on their website or on their Instagram account right here.


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