The Arts Décoratifs Museum of Paris reveals 3 centuries of fashion across the new exhibition “Fashion Forward” from the 7th of April till the 14th of August. Shown will be 300 pieces of feminine, masculine and child‘s fashion, from the 18th century untill today.  An incredible opportunity created by the Museum in cooperation with the Union Française des Arts du Costume and H&M.

exposition facade musee des arts decoratifs - photo marc bertra

This time travel offers not only technical beauty and esthetics, but also a great chronological immersion, a reflection of several eras, which allows us to better understand history through the evolution of the body and the ways to dress it up.

exposition robe a crinoline


With a Jerome Kaplan’s scenography, first we walk along different settings for a sensorial experience.
The 18th century costumes stand along woodwork, wallpapers, drawings and marquetry, lightened by deemed spots.
Finally; an amazing white stair-case opens up, with at both sides several costumes of the 19th and 20th century from avant-garde Designers (Comme des garçons, Maison Margiela, Hussein Chalayan, Vêtements…) to the more traditional Houses (Lanvin, Vionnet, Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga…).

Below a short survival list, established through the exhibition (for dinners without conversation) if you are confronted to Anna Wintour, your occasional friend or granny Jacqueline:
In 1715, the « robe volante / the frilled dress »
In 1795, the « antique » silhouette with a high waist
In 1830, the romantic fashion with a very tiny waist
In 1856, the short costume with a « crinoline cage »
In 1877, a slender silhouette
In 1907,  Paul Poiret’s dresses inspired by « la mode du Directoire » and the invention of signature.
In 1920, the straight line and short dress
In 1930, trousers for women!
In 1960, mini and maxi for the ready-to-wear
In 1980, excess, opulence, show-off and the cult of the body
In 1990, minimalism, sobriety and conceptualization
In 2000 / 2016, the designer becomes art director!

Like Mercury said:  « the show must go on »…!

Exposition arts decoratifs

Exposition arts decoratifs

Exposition arts decoratifs

Fanny Joly

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