Christoph Rumpf is a talented Austrian designer specializing in Menswear. Still a young student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he has just won the “Grand Prix” of the jury at the Fashion Festival in Hyères. His collection called “Intitled” catches the attention of the Chloé artistic director: Natasha Ramsay-Levy, and arouses a lot of enthusiasm in the public.

A Carlin’s crush !

Arrived in Vienna 7 years ago, Christoph Rumpf joined the prestigious formation of the “fashion department” directed by Hussein Chalayan. He follows technical course, but also course of communication, courses of trade and conferences on the historical and contemporary fashion. He experimented a lot and create his own flamboyant universe in the line of John Galliano.

Christoph Rumpf


His collection is a magnificent initiatory tale, proposed by the evolutionary path of a young prince born and growing up alone in the jungle, until he discovered the “grandville” as an adult. Like an autobiographical background, Rumpf proposes a novel hero full of panache. We can see his evolution through 7 mutating looks, embodying 7 steps of his life. “While the story begins with forms, volumes, it then evolves towards something more sensual, more opulent too, hence this coat easy to wear and at the same time disproportionate.The idea was that the character unfolds the full palette of his character at the end. »Thus, incredible architectural silhouettes scroll, was it garment cleverly studied to be constructed in a deconstructed and disproportionate way. Volumes are opulent and portable at a time. Special attention has been given to the material; Rumpf likes to offer a second life to what he bought: fabrics, personal carpets … the collection is thus thought to restore its letters of nobility to forgotten vestiges. Thus, reworked, it gives them a new meaning, unique and wonderful at the same time. A sustainable, committed and poetic collection!

We look forward to discover his next promising collections for his own studio!


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