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Marianna Ladreyt is a young French-Cypriot designer with a very promising talent. A Carlin crush !

She begins her studies at the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse, where she supports a whole work around the body and movement in space. His approach is initially experimental. A genesis that will serve as a basis for continuing to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. Then, she trained in New York alongside the designer Melitta Baumeister, offering a minimalist fashion in adequacy with his own universe, with a singular attention to the subject. Back in Paris, she assists the designer Hyun Mi Nielsen and develops her sense of detail through a technical expertise. Borrowed by a real communicative energy, Marianna then multiplies different projects with contemporary artists and young designers. In 2017, her “Planisphere” collection caught the attention, she became a finalist of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography of Hyères. As a result of this appointment, she launches a bag line “togas-bag” that everyone is eager to buy! Faced with the commercial success she encounters, she decided to develop her eponymous brand with a line of ready to wear. His first collection-image “Coral Bay”, is then exposed at the showroom Designers Apartment in Paris during the fashion week. Now supported by the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion, we cannot wait to see his next creations so strong and innovative!

Marianna Ladreyt

Maria korkeila

Klemen ilovar


CoralBay is the Women AW19 / 20 collection developed with passion by Marianna Ladreyt. Her inspiration comes from the concept of nomadism that is dear to her, she questions the acclimatization of the body at the crossroads of the Farenheits. The result is a plurality of technical materials worked in a traditional way: knots, folds, draperies, in essential minimalist shapes (tank top, t-shirt dress, bomber, down jacket …). A big crush for the Dutel Jacquard denim dress covered with reflective constellations, developed in collaboration with the textile designer Alice Allenet, & also for the embroidered bodysuit of small islands in Swarosky crystals. A fun collection and a strong artistic universe that goes beyond clothing! A designer in the making to follow!

Louise Desnos

Graphic&Fashion designer women’s RTW

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