Zara has based its business model by unveiling new affordable collections several times a month, made cheaply on the other side of the planet. A strategy which earned the Spanish brand to become the third most powerful clothing company in the world according to Forbes, with a turnover of more than 26.1 billion euros in 2018.

In mid-July, the Inditex group took advantage of its general meeting to announce that all of Zara’s collections, which account for 70% of Inditex’s sales, will be made from 100% sustainable fabrics, with only organic cotton, linen and polyester, by 2025.

Strong commitments welcomed by many but whose sincerity is questioned, some fear the instrumentalization of a sensitive subject. A reaction called greenwashing, an anglicism born in the 90s that refers to the use of eco-responsible projects with a view to communication, and not to a real ecological commitment.

Sources: ELLE – 31/07/19


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They have been seen on Marc Jacobs fashion shows during the last Fashion Week. If they were first reserved for professionals, bleached eyebrows are slowly becoming the cool touch of our make-up. Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga are already enthusiasts, even Cara Delevingne, high priestess of dark eyebrows, was entitled to peroxidized eyebrows. Fashion effect or true beauty statement?

Source : ELLE – 02/08/19


Pinterest has pushed its platform not only as a social network that inspires users, but also to help them shopping. The company has announced new features that will help users discover inspiring posts with the “picked for you” tab. Pinterest has begun to insert its custom shopping hubs that appear at the top of users’ homepage. These collections are selected by Pinterest and based on “your style, your body, and your budget”. The shopping section has also been updated with the addition of a new button under a pin that allows users to search for more products of the particular brand. Not only does this help users discover a company that inspires them, but it’s also another way for resellers to bring their products to their Pinterest audience.

Source : Fashion Network – 02/08/19


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Givenchy, Coach and Versace had to apologize for selling t-shirts accused of insulting China’s sovereignty by suggesting that Taiwan and Hong Kong were not part of the Middle Kingdom.

The Italian brand found itself in the crosshairs for a t-shirt showing a list of cities followed by the name of their country, for example “Paris – FRANCE”. Unfortunately, the mention “Hong Kong” is followed by “HONG KONG” in capital letters, while the British colony has returned to China since 1997 and has been plunged for several weeks into its worst political crisis in decades.

The French Givenchy and the American Coach were pointed out for similar affronts: T-shirts that might suggest that Hong Kong, but also Taiwan, are independent territories. Liu Wen, Coach’s China model ambassador, said on Weibo that she broke her contract with the New York brand for a similar T-shirt. The three brands had to apologize flatly, while ensuring that the offending models were removed from sale.

 Sources: Fashion United  – 12/08/19 / Fashion Network – 12/08/19


For a long time, we have seen people with their keys around their necks, who would have thought they were visionaries? Banana, sandals, and now phone case around the neck, the camping addict now fills the wardrobe of any fashion addict worth of the name. It’s a Jacquemus’ catwalk that propelled the accessory on the front stage. Named “The Gadjo”, this little holster, sun color, smells good the South of France. Luxurious and emerald green at Chanel, who also loves this trend?

Source : Grazia – 13/08/19




Nike focus on the children’s shoes US market estimated at $ 10 billion a year (over 9 billion euros). The new Nike Adventure Club service aims to streamline the often tedious process of selecting, adjusting and buying children’s footwear that keeps growing.

Subscription service for children between the ages of 2 and 10 will allow them to regularly choose shoes through three levels of subscription services, $20, $30, or $50 per month, ranging from 4 to 12 pairs per year. Once the sneakers are ready to be replaced, they can be returned and Nike Adventure Club will donate them or recycle them.

In addition to shoes, the subscription service provides exclusive adventure guides featuring outdoor games and activities that parents can practice with their children. These activities are the result of a partnership between Nike and KaBoom, a national non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging children’s healthy lifestyle.

Sources: Fashion United – 15/08/19 / Fashion Network – 18/08/19


From podiums to street style via social networks, the micro bag is everywhere. After the advent of tote bags and gigantic bags, accessories undergo a drastic miniaturization. A reduction of the proportions which even exceeds sometimes the first function of the bag: the container. Some models are so tiny that they can’t contain a phone or even a bunch of keys. The best-known of this season fall-winter 2019 is without a doubt Simon Porte Jacquemus, who reinterprets his famous model “Chiquito” of 2017 in mini version.

According to Hugo Preece, buyer of accessories and bags for British e-commerce, the mini bags already accounts for a quarter of total bag sales. A constantly growing figure that announces the peak of the movement this winter.

Source : Grazia – 18/08/19


New Look


New Look has launched a range of around 500 vegan shoes, bags and accessories, becoming the first mass retailer to register its products under the vegan label of the Vegan Society in Great Britain. The Vegan Society states that its team has ensured that products registered by New Look are free from animal components, including those found in fabrics, yarns, glues, and dyes. “This is an extremely positive step for New Look and unprecedented in the fashion industry in general” said the Vegan Society in a statement on its website.

Source : Fashion United – 19/08/19


Banana Republic is the latest label to offer a rental service of accessories and outfits. The American brand will launch its “Passport style” online subscription service in September in the United States. It will initially be reserved for women’s clothing and will allow customers to rent up to three items each month from the Banana Republic collections, for the fixed price of $85 (about 76.50 euros). Customers will have the opportunity to buy and keep the products they prefer.

“Passport Style will help to seduce younger shoppers looking for style and for a more sustainable and affordable way to try out new outfits,” said Mark Breitbard, Banana Republic CEO. Banana Republic has partnered with the CaaStle rental platform for this concept, and hopes to offer a similar initiative to its male customers in the future.

Clothing rental services have exploded in recent months. The high-end service “Rent the Runway” leads the dance, valued to a billion dollars. But, new brands have followed like Urban Outfitters with its clothing rental service called ‘Nuuly’ launched this summer, while the big Bloomingdale’s is planning to do the same in September, under the name “My List at Bloomingdale’s. “

Source : Fashion United – 19/08/19

Banana Republic Summer 2018


Celine presents a brand new project signed Hedi Slimane. Arrived early 2018 at the head of the creation of the French house, the stylist is preparing a first collection of fragrances. The brand of ready-to-wear gives little information on this launch, except that it will not be a unique fragrance but a collection called “Celine Haute Parfumerie”.

Hedi Slimane is far from being a novice in the world of perfumery. In 2004, the French stylist, at the head of Dior Homme collections, had imagined a whole collection of perfumes for the French house. It remains to know more about these fragrances – feminine, masculine or genderless? As well as on the date of availability.

Source : Fashion Network– 19/08/19


Florencebymills website

“Florence by mills” BY MILLIE BOBBY BROWN

Millie Bobby Brown creates excitement by creating her own beauty brand for GenZ. At 15 years old, the actress presented “Florence by Mills” on her Instagram account. After two years of work in the utmost confidentiality, the products will be available from August 26th.

Worried about current concerns, “Florence by Mills” will be cruelty-free and vegan while limiting the use of chemicals. With prices ranging from $10 to $34, the products will cover teens’ skincare needs, from facial skincare to eye patches to moisturizing mist and correction cream.

After being named the youngest “UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador” in November 2018, she joins other celebrities diversified by founding their own beauty empire like Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga and more recently Selena Gomez and Victoria Beckham whose brands have been announced but not launched yet.

Source : ELLE – 21/08/19


Organic products, without testing on animals, natural, with recycled plastic packaging … And if we went further? Going bulk is changing its mode of consumption, with the aim of approaching zero waste.

To begin, we target bulk specialty grocery stores, such as Day by Day, located throughout France. These specialized bulk shops offer several references of hygiene products. Just come with your container or use some freely available in store. Thus, by buying in bulk, we limit in a considerable way our plastic waste and we become master of quantity and only take what we really need.

Bulk implies consuming a raw product, rarely processed. It is also the advantage to benefit from unrefined products, without surplus. Naturally, we are getting closer to a natural and vegan beauty routine. Buying bulk skincare products also saves money, by removing the price of packaging and marketing, the price drops by 10% on average.

The brand CoZie installs its machine “the Dozeuse” in more and more outlets and grocery stores. The Dozeuse is in fact a bulk cosmetic dispenser that delivers the right dose of daily care: face cream, makeup remover, scrub, deodorant …

Source : Cosmopolitan – 22/08/19


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While G7 members announced the creation of emergency aid of 20 million euros to fight fires in the Amazon, the LVMH group announced that it would support up to 10 million euros, half of the amount already promised by G7 members. The group calls “those who share with them the belief that the Amazon, a treasure of the world’s natural heritage must be safeguarded, to participate in this initiative”. Finally, they insist that “France is […] partly responsible for the destiny of this huge forest”.

Source : Le Figaro – 26/08/19


The American Teddy Quinlivan is the first openly transgender supermodel to become the face of the famous French fashion house. “All my life has been a struggle,” says the 25-year-old American model on her Instagram account. She was chosen by the prestigious house to be the new face of an advertising campaign for the house’s cosmetics Pick Me Up line.

Discovered in 2015 by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of the women’s collections, the young woman was quickly catapulted at the front of the fashion scene. Versace, Dior, or Miu Miu, many big names in the industry choosed to put her on their podium. A faultless journey for the top model who announced her coming out in September 2017 in an interview with CNN Style. She has since covered several well-known publications such as L’Officiel, Porter Magazine and Wonderland and has been campaigning for Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang and more recently Maison Margiela.

Source : Fashion Network – 27/08/19 / BFM TV – 27/08/19




The ready-to-wear giant launched its new ambassador campaign in the United States, titled “H&M Insiders”, in which 15 staff members from selected stores and offices across the country will gain ambassador status of the brand for a period of one year. The brand says they were chosen based on “their attitude, their personality, their place of residence, the values ​​of the brand they represent, and their style”.

“Those who will be part of this one-year partnership represent a very diverse sample of the nearly 16,000 employees in the United States. “When you work at H&M, you are strongly encouraged to be yourself” said the brand in a statement.

This is not the first initiative launched by H&M. In March, the company celebrated Women’s History Month with a series of videos featuring women working at H&M to talk about command, authority, hope and the future, while men were invited to discuss the notion of gender equality.

Source : Fashion Network – 27/08/19


The war on preservatives and other unnecessary chemical additives is raging in the world of cosmetics. But unless you are a follower of homemade, additives are difficult to avoid when it comes to care and cosmetics. An Austrian brand, Ringana, has fully understood the issue and developed since 1996 ‘fresh’ care products. Their concept: Naturally obtain high-quality active ingredients using gentle methods that preserve the active ingredients, and an elaborate formulation to create positive synergy effects. The result: highly complex formulas whose plant active ingredients are mutually reinforcing. Thus, a fresh cosmetic is distinguished by a date of expiry that rarely exceeds three months: proof of its freshness.

Source : SoSoir – 27/08/19


Primark website


After unveiling pajamas and jeans in sustainable cotton and a line of ecological sequins, Primark is taking its first steps in the vegan cosmetics world. The brand announces the launch of a first care line that respects the skin, the environment and animal welfare. Called “PS … Naturals”, the collection is registered with the Vegan Society, thus respecting strict criteria, and is offered at prices between 1.50 and 3.50 euros. Primark indicates that the products of the collection is formulated from at least 90% of natural origin ingredients and comes in recycled packaging. The range is already available for sale in Primark shops and on the brand’s e-shop.

Source : L’indépendant – 28/08/19


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