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In its 6th year of activity, SJP Collection opens its first shop in Manhattan during April. The retail store is located 31 W. 54th street between 5th and 6th avenue in Midtown next to the brand’s headquarters. It will offer a welcoming and creative place with an outdoor garden for its customers.

The opening announcement was made on the brand’s Instagram page. Previously, the place was used by Manolo Blahnik, one of Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shopping places in “Sex and the City”, embodied by actress Sarah Jessica Parker for six seasons.

In this new shop, customers will find the famous shoe collection hand made in Italy but also a complete range of accessories: perfume, book, handbag, sunglasses and many other products signed SJP.

Source : Fashion Network, le 03/03/2020

The Carlin Eye – Amber Venissac (Fashion & beauty marketing project Manager) : Retail is definitely not over ! Brands key to success : combine retail and digital to create a seamless experience mixing retailtainment and story feeling. In the case of SJP Collection the opening of its first retail boutique aims at enriching and bringing to life the brand’s philosophy while creating a true contact point with its community. So much more than a shopping destination…


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It has been over 10 years since the Italian lingerie brand got involved into a sustainable approach. Firstly, by offering its customers to retrieve their damaged lingerie in order to recycle it and give it a second life. To mark this commitment, the brand launched its first green line for spring-summer 2020. For now, we can only find two different ranges: “Garden Fairy” in pastels colors and “Rare beauty” a sexier offer.

Each material is certified, environmentally friendly and fully traceable. To go a little bit further, Intimissimi brand partnered with Treedom which proposes to plant trees thanks to a sponsorship system. Upon checkout, the customer receives a unique code usable on the website which will allow him to choose which tree he wants to plant and therefore contribute to saving biodiversity.

Source : Marie Claire, le 06/03/2020 


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Until a few days ago, finding color-skins appropriated Band-Aid for dark skin in Great Britain was complicated. The observation has been made by a TESCO employee who ironically said that he had to do 45 trips around the sun to find one. Shortly after the tweet became viral, TESCO decided to launch two new shades for their Band-Aid: medium and dark.

This initiative enables the brand to embrace its multicultural customers. Offering inclusive products adapted to everyone is one of the key issues for brands. Here, it’s the power of social media that made things happen. However, the idea is not new. In France in 2007, Mercurochrome brand already launched identic Band-Aid without being able to enter the market.

 Source :  Creapills, le 27/02/2020

The Carlin Eye – Amber Venissac: The representation of consumers taking into account their plurality and diversity is key. It still shakes up the standards of fashion and other creative industries but must also find its way into other sectors part of the consumers’ daily life. This rising need for self-recognition and consideration can not remain ignored. Beauty and lingerie highlighted the many shades the term nude could embrace, coming up with product and communication solutions, always more inclusive and personalized. How not to be surprised when you are able to find the perfect foundation match but not the ban-aid that will discreetly merge into the skin color ? This self-expression and self-esteem approach should not only be tackled into fashion, beauty or lingerie, but should be the norm. A lot more than a way to regard consumption, a way of being and embracing the self.


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In order to celebrate this launch, the brand opened its first ever pop-up store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on March 6th and 7th. Created in partnership with Sephora, it immersed consumers in a unique interactive experience.

L’Obscur is the latest addition to the Gucci beauty range. This mascara with an ultra-rich creamy texture offers an intense adjustable shade. It is meant for “those who dare to express and embrace their differences, from classic to bold, understated to punk.”

It is sold exclusively online and in several Parisian boutiques at 37€. Fragrances and lipsticks are already available in selective perfumery. The high-shine multi use gel, Éclat de Beauté Effet Lumière giving a dewy finish is previewed on the brand’s website.

 Source :  CR Fashion, le 07/03/2020 

The Carlin Eye – Amber Venissac: Fashion and beauty explore strong synergies together. In May 2019, Gucci Beauty was reborn with the launch of its lipstick collection. Now it’s your eyes Alessandro Michele offers to suit up thanks to L’Obscur, an ode to liberty with retro design that allows you to let your interpretation and creative expression go wild and free. Subtle or audacious look, the choice is yours! Synergies between beauty and fashion seem almost natural as those industries merge and inspire one another. Makeup ranges set foot on catwalks with fashion items. Fashion & beauty face together consumer aspirations and the same key challenge: redefine beauty while embracing all individualities.


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For International Women’s day the Canadian lingerie brand launched its new advertising campaign. It embraces thirteen women from 50 to 81 years old in the commercial named “Age doesn’t matter”. The video declares that women are not invisible. They are free to feel sexy despite their stretch mark, wrinkles or bulges. Until recently, in real life women have been left behind and underrepresented in advertising campaigns, especially in lingerie.

The brand was created by Joanna Griffiths when she eared about what women are facing after giving birth. It proposes leak-proof, comfortable and beautiful underwear. It’s now famous to design intimates for every life stage.

On this March 8th, she declared “At Knix, we are trying to live as if every day were International women’s right day. This has always been our mission: We believe it is time for every woman to live entirely, without any excuse. And we do say EVERY woman”.

Source : Démotivateur, le 09/03/2020

The Carlin Eye – Amber Venissac: Beauty has no age. Numerous brand initiatives aim at improving representation of women over a certain age. This does not only include models from previous generations, unknown muses are also put under the spotlight. Aside from inclusivity, a more peaceful approach to the idea of ageing is spreading. It is the golden age of pleniors (mix of pleasure and seniors).


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The brand helps its consumers to find the product which meets perfectly their expectations by asking them to participate in the development process.

In fact, customers can submit their ideas to the brand which will then develop the corresponding prototypes. Then, it’s time for the community to vote for products they regard as most relevant and buyable. Finally, if a product reaches the number of votes required, it will be sold on the website and become one of the brand’s bestseller.

What makes Volition stand out from other beauty brands: its quick development cycles (3 to 6 weeks when 3 to 6 months are the norm for a traditional brand), natural and clean formulas banning a large number of ingredients (sulphate, paraben, phthalates, synthetic perfumes, aluminum…).

Source :  Insider, le 05/03/2020

The Carlin Eye – Amber Venissac: To be a desirable brand it is important to associate the consumer : co is key as in co-creation, collaboration… The consumer frees himself from its consum’actor status to take part in the conception process. We move from a speech approach to a open heart community dialogue.


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On April 1st, Levis would launch a special men and women collection in tribute to Super Mario Bros. The announcement has been made via social media, on the brand’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

With patches or in an all-over print inspired by Takashi Murakami style, mushrooms, coins and characters will cover the collaboration’s clothes. For the occasion, the iconic 501 will be embroidered with “Power Up!”. The collection includes shorts, teeshirts, jackets, caps, overalls.

The brand often works in collaborations with licenses. We remember Star Wars capsule to celebrate the movie 40th birthday or for Hello Kitty 45th anniversary.

Source :  Hypebeast, le 05/03/2020


© Chanel – Paris Fashion Week FW2021- Photo by Peter White/Getty Images

On Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020, during her Haute Couture show, Virginie Viard, in charge of Chanel, paraded Jill Kortleve a size 40 model. According to MFI, this is the most worn size by French women. Chanel’s show here presents a new relationship to women’s bodies more representative of our society.

The first-time a model breaking the codes of the industry had walked for the brand was in 2010. It was Crystal Renn (size 44) during the cruise fashion show in Saint Tropez. Chanel is not the only house to diversify this year by embracing plus size models: Paloma Elsesser for Lanvin or Alexis Ruby for Marc Jacobs. However, the movement is struggling to established itself in France, unlike in the US where Ashley Graham defends body positivism and wipe out the cult of slimness.

Source : Madame le Figaro, le 03/03/2020


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