London Fashion Week runs from September 13 to 17, 2019. While professional public will attend the fashion shows, the general public will be able to purchase tickets for six catwalks at the official London Fashion Week Center on Saturday 14 September and Sunday 15 September. Tickets are currently on sale for 135 pounds (150 euros) and give visitors access to a fashion show, a presentation on ethical fashion, as well as DiscoveryLAB and the Designer exhibition. To be on the front row, the ticket costs 245 pounds (272 euros).

Source :  Fashion United – 22/07/19

London Fashion Week AW19


The Swedish fast-fashion group likes to collaborate with fashion big players. We remember capsule collections made with Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo, Balmain, Moschino, Sonia Rykiel and many others. Today, it is the turn of the Chinese designer Angel Chen. According to the WWD magazine, a capsule of 45 items will be marketed in September, on the H&M website and in the brand’s stores in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Canada. It is the first time that the Swedish group collaborates with a Chinese designer, which is inspired by kung-fu and Asian graphics, enriched with bamboo patterns, dragons and cranes.

Source : Fashion United – 22/07/19

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Back to the 1980s with “Endless Runner”, a video game put online on the brand’s website, inspired by the man autumn-winter 2019 catwalk. In this game, we can see a silhouette running in front of brick walls, storefronts, while avoiding obstacles such as garbage cans, building blocks or telephone booths. The player can also recover Louis Vuitton monograms to increase his score.

Source : Fashion Network – 17/07/19

Louis Vuitton


Clothing rental services are taking off in the United States, a source of growth but also a threat to traditional fashion. Limited to major opportunities ten years ago, the clothing rental market has grown to over $ 1 billion worldwide. Like many of its competitors, Rent The Runway, which claims more than 11 million users, offers, according to a subscription formula of $ 89 a month, designer brands which are often worth several hundred dollars each including Victoria Beckham, Proenza Schouler or Phillip Lim. The platforms take advantage of collected data and use artificial intelligence to offer subscribers pieces that they like and which take into account their measurements. The other master card of clothing rental is its durable dimension, less greedy, which joins the idea of ​​a reasoned consumption. For some designer brands, renting is a way to meet a new audience, an additional outlet. But for ready-to-wear sales in general, it is nothing less than a competitor.

 Source : Fashion Network – 18/07/19

Rent the runway Instagram


Because we all wondered what the most suitable products for our skin were, Dior imagined the Skin Scanner. 30 years of research were needed to perfect this revolutionary tool, capable of establishing a safe and accurate dermatological assessment, similar to a professional. Previously used in the laboratory to carry out clinical studies, the Dior Skin Scanner made its appearance on June 14 in Europe in some outlets. “The Dior Skin Scanner captures the visible and the invisible of the skin to offer the most complete, accurate and quantitative diagnosis and to provide the most suitable Dior solution,” says Bruno Bavouzet, President of LVMH Ressearch department. In total, the Dior Skin Scanner analyzes 8 characteristics including wrinkles, pores, stains, or UV damage … All in 8 seconds. A tailor-made personalized assessment followed by an expert who identifies the problems and makes sure to prescribe the appropriate Dior solution.

Source : Vogue – 25/07/19



Tanning without harming its skin or the planet is now essential. Mooving to eco-tan with the new “cosmethic” high-performance formulas. As we finally began to become aware of the dangers of the sun and protect ourselves pretty much properly, solar products are summoned to the healthy court. Not only are they accused of damaging health, but also polluting the sea and killing corals. “14,000 tons of solar products are poured into the oceans every year,” said Martin Colognoli, marine ecology engineer and co-founder of the Coral Guardian association. “In some parts of the world, travel agencies are forcing tourists to use only biodegradable creams.”

To combine performance, safety and respect for the environment, more and more brands are “cleaning” their formulas and packaging. Avène was one of the first to dive in 2013. This year, Clarins has completely reformulated its solar range, in partnership with the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco. Caudalie also spent several years finding the right mix between efficiency, ecology and sensoriality. They also swim with the fish: Anthelios ranges of La Roche-Posay, Capital Soleil of Vichy, Pure State and Alphanova Sun …

Source : Madame Figaro – 25/07/19

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Launched last February, the French brand has tackled the online sale of natural origin cosmetics. The Typology recipe? Internalize production operations as much as possible in order to eliminate intermediaries and thus offer a very good quality-price ratio. All while focusing on total transparency and an exclusively digital presence. The brand also relies on a minimalist aesthetic to seduce its customers.

With a first funds raised in February 2019 by several investors (Alven Capital, Marc Simoncini, Xavier Niel, Firstminute Capital), the brand wants to establish its digital strategy. “The European Union should follow then the international, with the exception of China,” said Emin Sassi, communication director at Typology. An ethical bias: the brand does not currently want to deploy in China, where foreign cosmetics must first be tested on animals before being marketed.

Source : Fashion Network – 28/07/19

Ning Li, fondateur  – © Typology


Nearly 5,000 euros, this is what periods cost during a lifetime, an amount taking into account hygienic protection such as visits to the gynecologist, according to a barometer established by the newspaper Le Monde in July 2019.

This intimate business could not escape the issues of eco-responsibility and empowerment of women, which generate interest of more and more consumers. Several brands have therefore positioned themselves on the subject, offering organic pads, briefcases and panty liners as well as reusable breeches, shortys and leggings, or even beauty products adapted to the menstrual cycle. The French brand Typology, which defends the natural origins of its products and its French manufacture, is at the origin of a line of four serums to be applied from the first day of periods. The assets used are supposed to match the needs of the skin depending on the different phases of the menstruation cycle.

In ready-to-wear too, periods are interesting. Monki, brand of the H&M group, popular with teens and young adults, distributes since 2017 cups in store and on its website, in partnership with LunaCopine and The Cup Foundation. “Periods are cool” and “Bloody Queen” panties and accessories were also on sale.

Source : Fashion Network – 31/07/19

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