Confinement week 3. How to deal with it ? No instruction manual will guide us through this. The best way may be to let it go, to change the way we think about time in order to use it wisely.

Everyone creates its own rules, defines new rituals that punctuate a heckled daily life, proving the human incredible capacity for adaptation. This imposed interlude arrives in the nick of time for us to learn to listen to our own voice, to know us better and rediscover ourselves. A confinement placed between introspection and re-log in to ourselves and others, even remotely. Cause one can see, out of sight near the heart has never been more alive ! For us too. We, trendspotters @Carlin trend bureau do want to retain this connection with you that prompts, stimulates, in short, that feels so good. We need to tell you we understand what you are going through, we are here standing with you, we will continue sending good vibes and inspire you, even today, to prepare for tomorrow.

Fashion will never be the same again, it has already started to change. I am not to mention here its questioning but the ones who make fashion (evolve). Because that is what it is all about : HUMAN and the FUTURE. We feel like bringing to light destinies, creators that combine full consciousness (both social and environmental) and incandescent passion for fashion.

Crédits : Mots d’Ordre

In this time of confinement, getting dressed can no longer be regarded as a trivial daily routine. Confined yet stylish, could have even become the ultimate form of resilience. There is no way to put your look in the shelf (or closet !). On the contrary, I do believe, confinement encourages us to consider a new approach to fashion, the dress to express era has driven away the already outdated dress to impress trend. This need for sharing and self-expression is at the heart of Mots d’Ordre’s brand philosophy.

Crédits : Mots d’Ordre

Far from fashion injunctions, Mots d’Ordre, a shirt and jewelery women brand, gives birth and meaning to a timeless garment borrowed from the men’s wardrobe : the white shirt. Charlotte Léon, the inspiring and inspired founder, shakes up the system playing with the established codes of this elegant fashion piece and reasserts the white shirt as resolutely feminine.

Crédits : Mots d’Ordre

White with a twist

Mots d’Ordre’s creative footprint could be described as follow : accuracy of the fittings, the taste for beautiful fabrics and finishings, more importantly the signature embroidery delicately placed on a snappy poplin. Charlotte Léon allies a solar personnality and positive energy, two magical ingredients that truly resonate in today’s context. The charismatic founder has women at heart and a word sensitivity to inspire the embroidered messages that successively decorate her creations’collar, wrist or breast, as appropriate mantras designed for each one of us. Mots d’Ordre raises the white shirt to the status of a space for women expression and emancipation.

Crédits : Mots d’Ordre

Mighty words

Wearing a Mots d’Ordre shirt is a sensation, feeling the touch of poplin on the skin. Even a revelation, the shirt taking its shape on the body. A Mots d’Ordre outfit is so much more than a white shirt : a liberating speech. There is always a Mots d’Ordre leitmotif to match your mood of the day. Wearing a Mots d’Ordre shirt enables to send out a message « Yes but No », to express feelings « Kiss Me », and deep convictions «We are all heroines » in a subtle or asserted manner. Here again, Charlotte Léon gives her women community the choice and respects every personality. Mots d’Ordre enhances and empowers women thanks to its creations : more than a trend, women empowerment is a corner stone of the brand.

Crédits : Mots d’Ordre

One (shirt) for all, all for one!

Mots d’Ordre shirts are highly distinctive creations designed so that each and every woman raises her voice. Charlotte Léon has an inclusive approach, she embraces women in their diversity and singularity. To be as close as possible to each of Mots d’Ordre’s enthusiasts, the brand has integrated personalization from the very begining, several degrees can be considered : chosing the embroidery color, its location or even the message on YOUR shirt.

Crédits : Mots d’Ordre

Mots d’Ordre opens up to new creative universes through accessories. Firstly, the launch of silk satin scarves and more recently fashion jewellery. These new product categories already unleash passions and identify the silhouette, highlighting the iconic asserted yet refined feminity of Mots d’Ordre.

Crédits : Mots d’Ordre

Brand to follow and support, Mots d’Ordre is the reflection of its founder : bold, inspiring and determined. Charlotte Léon brings an extra touch of soul to the fashion industry, women empowerment and entrepreneurship icone, she belongs to the brands shaping tomorrow’s fashion.

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