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While it no longer has any of the quaint charm of English tapestry, the Liberty print nevertheless came into being across the Channel in the imagination of Arthur Lasenby Liberty.  On his return home from a world tour, this draper opened a half-timbered department store in the heart of London.  Amongst the treasures brought back from the East, he sold his own patterned fabric – Liberty print – which was introduced to France by Cacharel several decades later. 

www.cultura.com / @Cacharel – Le liberty


Updated today by the deceptively naïve brushstrokes of contemporary artists such as Nina Koltchitskaia or Amoako Boafo, the floral motif has been liberated from an overly formal figurative style, yet retains its fresh scent of liberty.


www.artnet.fr / @amoako-boafo

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