Today’s women are a plural, creative and agile target that upsets our consumption habits. By challenging the vision of the company, the social life, the creativity, the femininity of today mixes influences and cultivates singularity.

A target for which the natural is not synonymous with letting go, where seduction meets the natural, where the expression becomes creativity, where the bands of girls review the established codes and feminism leaves room for girl power.


A moving target, unfaithful and impatient, more and more complex to apprehend for brands. What are the issues then to understand and converse with this target?

CARLIN CREATIVE TREND BUREAU decrypts the archetypes of today’s femininity and their evolutions by 2019.

Let’s meet at the International Salon of Lingerie, Monday January 23, 2017 at 10 am, in the conference room to preview the future of femininity.

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