After an intense collaboration with the official Russian sportswear supplier Forward in 2019, INMOUV is proud to show you the final result of the Russian Sports Federation clothing collection. Organised in two summer and winter categories, the collection offers a large range of garments both wearable by Russian teams on official competitions, and fans to support their favourite athletes!

Forward x Inmouv

During our work in collaboration with Forward teams, our goal was to emphasize the rich identity and colours of Russia by offering thorough and trendy sportswear designs. From active jerseys, tracksuits, training jackets, to thermic wind-breaking jackets and heavy parkas fighting Russian extreme weather conditions, the line declines the red-blue-white flag and the double headed eagle national symbol, resulting in strong, original and colourful garments with 100% Russian DNA.

Forward x Inmouv

The whole collection is now available on Forward’s website, that we invite you to visit !

We would like to thank again Forward teams for their trust in INMOUV’s expertise and we can’t wait to seeing Russian athletes wear that special collection on their future international competitions!


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