The Carlin Group is pleased to announce the birth of the new Dalloz Group brand, key player in the jewelry sector in France: GARDEN PARTY.

Carlin79C has accompanied the brand from its style and collection design to its storytelling and spectrum of expressions: search for names, branding and brand Identity.

GARDEN PARTY, a new affordable jewelery brand, was created in Lyon on October 18th and is now distributed to independent French jewelers.

Starting from the observation that the jewelery sector communicates mainly around the individual valorization, we proposed to take the opposite of it and to highlight the link that can create the jewel between people and their different moments of life.



The brand was built around the notions of exchange, conviviality, sharing precious and privileged moments to echo this French lifestyle, made of subtlety and benevolence.

The logo combines a deep green with a gold glow that radiates and spreads freely around the name of the brand, Garden Party, which refers to these festive and refined moments that gives life to this links made between people, friends or family …

The first collection has several lines, the first of them is called “Ivresse”; it refers to the sparkling champagne bubbles. This line was developed according to the sketches imagined by the creative talents of Carlin, in close collaboration with the experts of the group Dalloz who have given life to these jewels both contemporary and elegant, where the diamonds seem to move freely, in all lightness.

Ivresse necklace

Ivresse earring

Ivresse ring

Jewellery Ivresse

Ivresse sketches

Ivresse sketch necklace

In addition to diamonds, GARDEN PARTY also works colored gems, such as yellow or pink sapphire, tourmaline, morganite … thus offering a renewed approach to colored stones.

Rendez-vous ring

A very good example of the multi-skills within the Carlin group serving customers, as we enjoy it at Carlin and 79C!

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