“Cute, with a hint of attitude”,

“Cute, with a hint of attitude”, as we can read on the website of this young Swedish children’s fashion brand presenting comfortable, cute and fun themed clothes.

The founder, Kristin Nyström, expresses her love for graphic design and prints on the soft, 100% cotton clothes, which she filled with varied patterns.

Hand-drawn and silkscreened on organic cotton, funny camels and pink flamingos invisit sarouels, t-shirts, sweaters and other bodysuits, for the delight of the little ones!

Instagram : gardnerandthegang

The charm of the brand comes from its characters. Gardner and the Gang offers a strong vision of tolerance and openness, dear to its founder: « I am taking inspiration from my experiences from living and traveling all over the world and I want to normalize all people, animals and cultures to our children. We all live together in this world and we should all be friend” (Kristin Nyström – www.gardnerandthegang.com)

The adventure begins in 2012, with the birth of 2 emblematic characters of the brand: the “Love Skull”, a colored skull with heart-shaped eyes and his friend Helmut the flamingo, who never goes out without his helmet or his sunglasses! These 2 companions are reunited throughout the collections by a group of colorful characters like Pete, the pony who loves scuba-diving, or Dorothy, the dinosaur fan of basketball.

Instagram : gardnerandthegang

Through playful and offbeat graphics and pop colors, each collection tells the story of unlikely and strong friendships, tolerance, acceptance of difference and assertiveness.

Instagram : gardnerandthegang

Thus, in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection (sweetly named “Land of no Difference”), Pete claims his passion for scuba-diving (even if it makes him a pony a bit different from the others) and plays with his friend Gertrude who assumes with grace and confidence her veryyy long giraffe neck.

Instagram : gardnerandthegang

We can find this spirit of openness and decompartmentalization in the collaboration (in autumn 2016) between the brand and the American actress Jaime King. Entitled “The Lion’s Heart”, the particularly colorful and predominantly pink collection, was designed for both girls and boys.

Instagram : gardnerandthegang

“I want to be able to see our children wear what attracts them naturally and feel wonderful inside, no matter that a boy wants to wear pink or a girl’s pants and sweatshirt.” 

(Jaime Kinghttp://www.yoyo-mom.com/gardner-and-the-gang-x-jaime-king-collab/)

This summer, with the “The Forest From Long Ago” collection, Helmut the Flamingo is back with new friends! In a « forest where all children’s imagination is gathered in a wonderful secret story » (www.lesenfantsaparis.com)

Gardner and the gang

A story we are personnaly looking forward to explore!

 Finally, as one of their Instagram post claims, in a perfect summary of their pop, cool and quirky identity: “Kindness is Gansgter!” 

Instagram : gardnerandthegang

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