The Carlin Group and 79C, its storytelling agency, are celebrating 10 years of the prestigious GLINT magazine in a way they know the best: by decrypting trends, storytelling and a photoshoot overflowing with colors.

Glint Cover Magazine – ©Bruno Fabbris

Glint Cover Magazine – ©Lucile Leber

For Catherine Rochette, GLINT’s editor-in-chief, the magazine is “following its path towards excellence with one and only motivation – to spread with passion our excessive desire for the beautiful, the rare and the unique.” Twice per year since 2009 stylists, photographers and other designers compete in their audacity and creativity to achieve this objective on a large scale.

©Ian Abela

GLINT’s 20th issue features Carlin’s decryption of one of FW19/20’s trends: Shock; “a hybrid season that reenchants everything up to bioethics by twining our craziest aesthetic desires.” To illustrate this trend, 79C engaged the talented Ian Abela for a memorable photoshoot narrated through pastel cravings, marshmallows and dreamy eccentricities thanks to Jean-Pierre Viafora’s impeccable sense of style.

©Ian Abela

The cherry on the top: by imagining a typical day of Emma, the influencer at the heart of FW10/20, 79C gives substance to Shock. Trends, analyses, storytelling, emotion and creativity: Carlin Group’s signature cocktail.


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