For this new season grey is our ally. A color made of numerous shades, which mix the innocence of white and the dark mystery of black. Surprising, it stirs up curiosity.

For a long time grey has been associated with an urban and masculine color. Rough and dense, it is incorporated into heavy materials and coats. Today, this neutrality makes it the ally of no gender looks.

Rad Hourani SS17

For Winter 17/18, grey changes its tone and flies towards more lightness and transparency. Less corporate, it is anchored in an ethereal dream. Women assert themselves in silky muslin, while grey shades adopt luminous or smocky tones.

Grey plays with contrasts to express an uncompromising sensitivity that is both raw and fragile.

Iris Van Herpen HC FW 17/18

Kevin Cooley

Iris Van Herpen HC FW 17/18

In the make-up side, it is considered as timeless. However its mystery lets now appear a new neo-romantism seduction. On the eyes, it is a smocked-eye-work for a charbonnous effect – that can be lightened with glitter touch.

Grey goes so far as coloring the youngest’s hair. The ashy hair become a must : seen on it-girls, it gives a new breath to an aging and tarniching color. We love our steel-colored-hair and show it with pride, or we change our color for a soft silver. Grey is synonym of avant-garde and not only of elderly. Old is the new cool !


For Home interiors, grey has long been considered as a neutral and basic color. Not anymore. Grey is transformed with gentleness and character in a contemporary-industrial-spirit. It becomes a safe haven! It is associated to strong and raw materials: the concrete, mineral and marble aspects are applied to the furniture while smocked glass and metal come to accessorize. The washed spirit is renewed by charcoal aspect. Grey shades are dressing the house to incarnate an unexpected sweetness.

Carlin verre arts deco – photo by Valerie Barret

No bad looks this September: we start off on the right foot with confidence and subtlety!

Vase design by Doreen Westphal



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