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A city dweller at the heart of Hattie Wragg, founded her contemporary jewellery brand in northern London, in a small apartment overlooking Queen’s Wood in 2014. It was simply the beginning of the Queen’s Wood Studio. Then she decided to leave the British country to settle in Brno in 2015. She then draws from it the energy that emerges from Czech folklore.

Hattie first trained in silversmithing under the direction of Rachel Jeffrey to graduate from City and Guilds in 2005.She continued this path in parallel with her university studies in English literature.

After graduating from Cambridge University, UCL 2010-11 and Oxford University, she decided in 2015 to change her focus and become a jewellery designer. In 2018, she entered the famous “Central Saint Martins”, where she took a course in stone setting under the direction of Anastasia Young.

She presented her current collection at the Design Days in Brno in October 2018 and had the opportunity to open a pop-up store at Kurator in Prague for the month of December. Hattie Wragg does not stop there, and exhibits her personal collection at the prestigious Munich Jewellery Week in March 2019.

Hattie Wragg – queenswoodstudio.com


Its motto is sustainability. Particular care is given to the choice of noble and natural materials: from gold to silver through recycled brass. The delicate finishes are enhanced by traditional touches. Vintage is in the spotlight, indeed all the stones have been recovered or taken up in the collections of retired jewellers.

And the must? Studio processes use non-toxic alternatives to conventional chemicals and all packaging is recycled and recyclable.

New Mythology by Queen’s Wood Studio – Photo by Patricia Kvasnovska

Her latest collection is inspired by the mythological world, where recycled materials meet the yearning in our hearts to be something other in a world that gets more humanly wild and strange by the day.

Noëllie Nguyen – Premières amours / © Cécilia Poupon

Simply gorgeous and unique jewellery that now attracts our full attention.

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