Heimtextil, international Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles, is a reference in this sector with its 2800 exhibitors and more than 69 000 visitors, in Messe Frankfurt.
And for the next show – that will take place from the 10th to the 13th of January 2017 – we are glad to collaborate with Heimtextil to develop the 2017-2018 trends!


Naturally, the main word for 2017-2018 is Exploration. And as the climber Simone Moro said: “The age of exploration is not yet over!”. In our contemporary crisis-ridden society, such an appeal is stimulating, awakening a fresh desire to rediscover our spirit of exploration!


So…we have explored. Projects, innovation, initiatives… everything that opens up the scope of possibilities to renew Retail, Transportation, Hospitality or Home. We have also explored colors, materials and finishes… We have explored new associations, new way of combining and using them to tell the stories of tomorrow. We made from all this content the Heimtextil Trendbook 2017-2018, a mass of inspiration to help you build your next collections of Home textiles.


An extract from Heimtextil Trendbook 2017-2018





During the fair, it will be your turn to explore! We have imagined the Theme park, a trend forum without any imposed path. You will be able to explore on your own, following your wishes.



One of our favorite project?

Glowee – a promising French Start-up – has explored the world of bacteria to rethink entirely our lightning system. They created a bio-lighting system that uses bioluminescence. The Glowee team cultivates squid bacteria with phosphorescent properties, inserting it into a mould that can be shaped into any form. The light produced is soft, powerful, unique and environmentally friendly. From January 2017 bioluminescence will be available for lighting shop fronts and window displays at night.
This fantastic innovation has potential applications in transport, retail, public spaces, outdoor events and more. Light is everywhere!




We will be glad to meet you at Heimtextil fair – Messe, Frankfurt – from the 10th to the 13th of January, to explore and invent together the world to come!


And meanwhile:


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