No doubt about this: if there is indeed an essential garment in these times of confinement, it is without hesitation the hoodie … and his super chum the sweatshirt. Yes, between comfortable-but-chic remote work and quick exit on streetstyle mode to refill the fridge, all we need is a fleece thing.Benchmark in a designer quarantine dressing room and call for contributions:

In the sweatshirt family, there is the logo-maniac option, but in the diverted way of course, otherwise it’s not funny. Yes it is homemade: fabric, a pair of scissors, an iron; for sure we will not get bored during this quarantine:

Basique + DIY

Or let’s say, how to transform a simple basic product into a logo-fed-up manifesto, that’s quite exhilarating. To be noticed that logo embezzlement is a current meme, widely documented on Instagram.

Indispensable, the grey sweatshirt with a placement pattern on it, for example the inevitable Disney license. In men’s fashion, it wakes up the child who sleeps inside each of us. And then, as personally the hijacking demon did not let me go…

Disney Mickey Mouse + DIY 

…I could not resist the pleasure of applying a black tape on this Mickey’s face, who was sulking anyway.

Ah, this one, if you follow our insta stories, you must have seen it go by. Kidult to death, the reference to Pacman on a chick yellow background had seduced me from the first glance. Now I’mwondering if I haven’t passed the age to wear this kind of stuff:


Fortunately, my little godson is craving for it. Found at Episode, this chain of second-hand stores occasionally offers cool upcycled small series. 

Also found in the same type of stores, this tie-dye sweatshirt was particularly eye-catching, starring neo-camo effect treated in verdigris and black:

Vintage upcyclé

In addition, it is really super soft; a bit like pajamas under emo-goth influence. Very suitable in the morning with dark circles under the eyes.

I’m wearing it all the time, it must be the color-blocking effect that stimulates both retina and cortex. It’s an authentic vintage piece with 90’s Eastern Europe look, 100% delightful acrylic in sporty post-GDR mode:

Tracksuit vintage

Note the small white pipings around the blue panels and the collar’s shape, a zipped rollneck.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the subject, we are all expecting it: the hoodie.

First, in the basic zip version, a good example of the evolution of colors over the seasons:

Forever 21 / Monoprix

On the left, a toffy one that was bought about two years ago at Forever 21 (this US brand that may find new investors) and on the right, a bright electric blue, my very last confinement purchase, while I was doing survival food shopping at Monoprix, a chain store that generalizes organic cotton on its basic menswear.

And then what to do with your old tired hoodies, certainly so comfortable but rather outdated? Here again, a little DIY kick and that’s it:

Upcycling DIY

The concept is 2 = 2; to be shared with your partner if you have one for a trendy jog (1 hour allowed, no more, here in Paris) that will make you the stars of the neighborhood.

And then, let’s be clear about it, styling is everything. The more basic the product, the more we dare to wear it in a singular and personalized way:

Jean: Lacoste – Hoodie: Jordan brand – Sunglasses: Byredo – Slipper: Souk of Rabat

Burgundy hoodie with saffron yellow slippers, well, I challenged my colleagues and I admit that I am not disappointed. Long live crowd-sourcing!

What about girls? I conducted the investigation and several of my female colleagues are also very pro-hoodies. The tip : a bold statement accessory to pimp up a simple black basic:

Skirt: Iro – Baskets: The Kooples – Bumbag: Jacquemus – Sock: Calzedonia  – Hoodie from vintage Market in Londres

But let’s not forget that sweatshirts, hoodies… all of this, originally, was for doing sports! By dint of seeing upgraded and decorated Balmain-Versace-Gucci stuff, we ended up forgetting it; so right now, we take out our exercise mat and work out:

Sweat: H&M – Legging: Calzedonia – Sport Bra: Oysho  – Baskets: Adidas – App: Train Sweat Eat – 
Flask: Tupperware – Exercise mat: Domyos – Towel: Decathlon

This doesn’t prevent from enjoying a little touch of glitter, let’s sweat, okay, but in cute mode.

Finally, what is fascinating about this product, with or without a hood, zip or not, is its incredible ability to embody such different styles and personalization, while at the origin it is… a so basic product!

Thomas Zylberman

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