Fashion is a game … What if you find your inspiration in design? How to decline the Garance Vallée universe into a ready-to-wear silhouette?

Celebrated during the Milan Design Week for its installation Terra, and spotted for its all-pink scenography of the first Paris pop up store of Paulette magazine, Garance Vallée, illustrator and talented architect is our source of inspiration of the day. His universe combines material and texture sensibility, chromatic harmonies of neutrals, and taste for the geometric architectural form expressing from drawing to furniture.

A desire for clean lines, architectural and geometric shapes that are found in oversize pieces. Essential piece of this silhouette, a XL volume jacket, whose inflated sleeves contrast with the waist tightened by a belt with large rectangular buckle. Play this overlay jacket with a monochrome combination inspired workwear revisited and a bag seal maxi node with clean lines. A pair of mules mix wood leather materials, with pointed ends completes the silhouette. All done in natural materials and in colorful harmonies in shades of pink, beige, white. Contrasts are drawn through an elegant and minimalist silhouette pimped by arty accessories. The heels are sculptural and give the shoe a dimension of work of art. The earrings take the exploratory layout of a drawing by hand, a touch of uninhibited creativity, diverting classic basics to tend towards a more artistic dimension.


Fashion is in perpetual renewal and continues to innovate. So why not take inspiration from a TEAMLAB innovation and turn it into a fashionable silhouette?

TEAMLAB, a Japanese collective that designs immersive and interactive digital installations, explores the boundaries between imaginary and real virtual reality in a poetic dimension. His exhibition at the Villette de Paris once again marked the spirits and jostled the codes visitor – exhibition, by his daring and innovative approach in the very design of the scenography. A strong bias to discover on their next exhibition at the Amos Museum in Helsinki until January 6, 2019.

An ambient fantasy revealed by a silhouette playing on the contrasts between a large room with enveloping color night volume, not unlike the immersive change of scenery TEAMLAB experiences, and the fluidity of a skirt with the impressionist patterns and vibrant colors that can be found in these poeticized digital landscapes. The tables of digital flower cascades evolve according to the interactions with the viewer, just like the patterns and the skirt animating to the rhythm of the footsteps of the wearer. A pair of heeled boots prolongs the dreamlike journey, its shimmering, iridescent yellow leather electrifies the silhouette of its unreal light. To push the limits real – virtual, the shoulder bag, belted at the waist takes again the design of the iconic 2.55 of Chanel but in a version remastered spirit 4.0! Made of recycled plastic, to play on transparency and lightness, it refracts the nuances of the light spectrum.


Would the art creative process be the same as in fashion? If the medium changes, why not take inspiration from artistic and committed biases to initiate and create new style associations?

The work of Alphonse Mucha is emblematic of the “Art Nouveau”, both poster artist, sculptor, painter and draftsman, showing a muse woman, deified, elevated to the status of icon. His work is exhibited at the Musée du Luxembourg until 27 January 2019, recounting his abundant achievements and his singular personality.

Alphonse Mucha has an exacerbated femininity, sublimated by the ornamental characteristic of Art Nouveau. A movement reworked on a powder pink dress with floral embroidery decorating the sleeves in a decorative way. The beaded bag, a new 21st century finery, adds preciousness to the silhouette, as does the 19th century woman with a high jewelery hallmark of elegance and refinement at her neck. The parallel with the universe of Mucha is all the more relevant as this artist was at the origin of the creation of the poster, new artistic medium, having made the art accessible, by making it go down in the street.

We see the same dynamics in fashion, when the streetwear is democratized and invests the cloakroom of everyday life, all classes combined. Thus sports basketball, ugly dad shoes becomes the emblem of an open minded generation, to mix with feminine pieces to disrupt a romantico-chic look. In the same way, the bob inspired 90s streetwear of the universe of hip hop imposes itself as an it product for a sporty retro touch.

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