Ethics and aesthetics are the keywords of this new edition of the International Lingerie show, which was held from January 18 to 20, 2020 at Porte de Versailles. Placed under the sign of eco-responsibility, the show opens the way to a new 100% inclusive and responsible lingerie.

The Interfilière show anchors its commitment by promoting ethical and ecological initiatives. The exhibitors emphasize this position on all sectors including, mesh, lace, embroidery as well as accessories.

Beyond this fundamental trend, the various offers of recycled, organic and even responsible fibers and yarns are evolving towards a more sustainable manufacturing process up to natural and vegetable dyeing. This new alternative makes it possible to reduce the use of pollutants and to discover new color palettes.

ETHICS – everyday wear

This ethical approach is a real challenge for institutional brands. Lingerie is everyday with lines well thought out for everyday life.

Organic, recycled or over-recycled materials allow more responsible and always desirable lingerie.

  • The house Lejaby sets the tone with its collection “La petite Lejaby”, a line for everyday comfort, shaped in micro modal, a new less polluting alternative to cotton.
  • Lise Charmel signs an “Eco sensitive” line; a new tulle, knitted with an ecological thread, reco nylon.
  • Opaak is also positioning itself as a conscious brand. Its products are designed as a breathable envelope to improve movement and comfort.

Sources : Maison Lejaby / Lise Charmel – GLIMPSE – Photo : Stéphane Deroussent / Opaak


A quest for well-being encourages brands to amplify the comfort of their lines. This initiative involves the lightness and softness of the materials and shapes.

  • This desire for comfort is supported by nightwear. By adopting simpler and easier to put on models like the Rilke brand products. The cuts are sleek, more fluid while femininity.

  • For the Moya Kala brand with its “Pure Joy” collection, the border between the product inside and outside blends.

  • By mixing the universe of leisurewear and that of corsetry, the brand Liu Jo Rose declines products to coordinate. The combination of warm materials, light shapes, lace and transparencies open up the fields of association and interpretation.

Rilke / Moya Kala / Liu Jo Rose


Lingerie is no longer just an underwear, it asserts its convictions thanks to brands in line with the evolution of women in society. The inclusive is at the heart of this awareness. The singularity of the bodies and revealed through the image of a plural and whole woman.

  • It aims to be intergenerational as for the Moons & Junes brand with its “Unapologetic” line.
  • Brands like Girlsfriend collective and Mina Storm place the acceptance of all body styles in approach and communication.
  • Lingerie accompanies women and their bodies in their intimacy with the “Blood” collection by Mina Storm and her menstrual panties with a fun design. Or the maternity lingerie collection from the brand “The underargument”. Each vehicle brand product has a self confident message.
  • Acceptance of the body also requires authenticity, photos “natural” and not retouched.

Sources : Moons & junes / Mina Storm / Beauty’s only skin deep


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