Edith Keller, CEO of Carlin Creative Trend Bureau: Hello Mrs Achachi, you are in charge of the institutional communication of Verbaudet. Can you tell us about the current situation of that must-see brand (in the children field), initially meant to be made for made-order-sales, but which have be able to become an omnicanal brand?

Dounia Achachi, in charge of Institutional Communication of Verbaudet: Today, Verbaudet is the first European e-commerce platform specialized in the children’s world. With the launch of our e-commerce in the Netherlands last June, we can count 9 Internet websites and more than 100 millions of visits, and 20 millions of sold products per year.

We are developing an exclusive offer to answer to all the children’s needs (from 0 to 12 YO) and young parents’ : childcare, toys, furniture, children fashion and mother-to-be. In addition to this offer, Verbaudet selects the best of all the children’s brands, so that future and young parents can find all their needs at Verbaudet.

Dounia Achachi – Verbaudet

E.K: What is the impact of the Covid for a brand such yours?

D.A: Thanks to a very digital presence (80% of the sales revenues), we have kept our activity going by focusing on essential needs to prepare the arrival of a baby. Following this first quarantine, we have close our shops, and in order to protect our collaborators and apply very strict sanitary measures, the logistic activity was strongly reduced. For this 2nd confinement, our objective is always the same, that of meeting all the needs of parents, while ensuring the safety of our employees, partners and customers. All of our offer is available on the vertbaudet.en site for home delivery or Point Relais. We also offer, in some of our stores, the Call & Collect service.


E.K: What is the sector within your activity the most promising ?

D.A: We benefit a good growth from a lot of sectors. Indeed, despite the sanitary context, we can’t put « pause » on the needs of a future mum during her pregnancy, or even the preparations before the birth and all the needs referring to that (the clothes, the baby future room, the childcare equipment etc.), and finally, to be able to equip the children growing.


E.K: How many members in the « Verbaudet club » do you have? For how many time in average a client remains faithful to the brand ? From her pregnancy to her last child’s 14YO?

D.A: 90% of our clients are members to the Verbaudet club. That fidelity can be explained by the numerous advantages that allow to parents to equip his child at each important step. Verbaudet has more than 55 years of experience. We have future moms who have been dressed at Verbaudet since their own childhood. So they come back to our brand for their children. We also have grand-parents who are still faithful to the brand, but that time to please their own grand-children.

E.K: You give numerous advices to your consumers, have you intensified that support during the sanitary crisis?

D.A: It’s very important for us to support the future moms and parents in general, and the crises haven’t deviated from the rule. That support was traduced by an « advice space » on our website, via our ambassadors who are answering to the parents’ questions when they need information during their visit on verbaudet.en.

Our social networks are also a place to talk and share with our community, just like our client service located in Tourcoing, which is available by email and phone to anwser to all our clients’ questions.


E.K: Do you work like the DNVB brands, by asking your clients’ opinions to develop your products?

D.A: Our clients’ feedbacks are very precisous. More than 1300 opinions are filed each week on our products sheets. Those opinions are really appreciated by the other clients, allowing them to chose a product that answers to her need, that have already been tested and approved by other parents. Thos opinions are also important for our products teams, allowing them for instance to correct the shapes, to review the sizes, or even to adapt the dimensions of a furniture in order that it fits with the needs.


E.K: What are the innovations focus privileged at Verbaudet?

D.A: Our prioritary and fundamental focus of our strategy is to accompany parents about all the children’s needs. The selection of must-have brands , the creation of innovating and exclusive products such as the wood toys collection, the reactivity to the new needs, such as children’s masks, or even, diapers made in France, are essentiel in our approach.


E.K: Every brand is CSR oriented, what are your accomplishments of your projects in that area?

D.A: We work on developing products initiatives that are in favour of the child’s well-being and the environment protection, through international labels, compositions or processes eco-friendly, places of manufacture in France or Europe. That approach is traducing by current of future projects, such as :

  • The launch of the diaper Verbaudet, made in France, ecolabel, FSC, without chlorine, without perfume and without lotion. With a truc value for money.
  • The certification of a huge part of our toys offer in FSC during the next months
  • A range of products baby based in cotton from the bio agriculture
  • Products based on recycled materials such as down jackets or sneakers.
  • Enrich the Oeko-tex offer
  • The selection of brands for children eco-friendly

E.K: You have enlarged your offer, from clothes to decoration and now toys, what is your vision of the brand for the future?

D.A: To offer the best, to take care of everything, and accompany the parents throughout all the important moments of the child’s life, here is our know-how. Thus, we would like to remain the leader in the children’s universe, always listening to the new expectations and the future generations.


News question

E.K: You are massively communicating about Christmas. Are the consumers already sensitive to this topic? Are they more impatient, optimist, or prudent towards it?

D.A: Indeed the Christmas season is launched, and with it, a new offer of Toys in wood Verbaudet, which is already a great success. We know the onterest of our clients for our Chritmas offer, especially the toys collection that our teams know how to enrich year after year since its launch in 2018. That year was not the more simple for kids and adults, and more thane ver, parents want to please their children for Christmas. And like it’s the case for each important moment, we have and want to be present to support the parents and facilitate the gifts preparation, chose the deco, offer activities to do with the kids etc.


EK: A huge thank you for all those inspiring answers. Verbaudet have known how to reinvent itself constantly, adapt to the different generations’ exepctations, transform its model. It is a good illustration of the talent of your management and your teams.


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