Isabelle Pollet – Head of Communication Corporate for ÏDKIDS

Edith Keller – CEO of Carlin Creative Trend Bureau: Hello Isabelle, since almost 25 years now, ID Group has developed a very determined ESR politic, you claim « we act for kids », I would like you to talk about your best achievements. Let’s start with the textile innovations: You’ve just communicated about sustainable tee-shirts, can you tell me more ?

Isabelle Pollet – Head of Communication corporate intern and extern of ID GROUP: Indeed, we have started a collaboration with the CETI (Europen center of sustainable textiles) to build this innovative product because it’s made up of 60% cotton fibers from recycled clothes. This is a big first because until now we used to use only falls, the fiber is carded and spinning in France, and the 40% complementary are in cotton bio.


E.K: For how many time have you been implementing this technique ?

I.P: More than 3 years, thanks to a pluridisciplinary team and the CETI of course.

Press release “Welcome to French recycled cotton” – CETI – OKAÏDI

E.K: Do you manage to make this product in France?

I.P: No, because we want it to remain affordable to as many people as possible, it is manufactured in Tunisia, with one of our 40 partners selected on very strict CSR criteria.

E.K: What is the commercial success of this product allying sustainability and style?

I.P: For the moment, a bit modest because, nevertheless it’s more expansive than our essentials. But it is a step ahead very important in our research on sustainable products.

E.K: You were very pioneers in the use of recycled polyesters, especially in your ultra-light down jackets, have you developed these materials on other products?

I.P: All our coat padding are now made of recycled polyester, but also the padding of soft toys and textile awakening games from our brand Oxybul – Eveil et jeux.

E.K: You start working on the ADEME (Agency of the ecological transition) certifications’ ?

I.P: Yes, we want to put clearly on all our clothes their environmental impact in the medium term.

E.K: What is your policy in regard to relocation?

I.P: It is difficult, because we must remain accessible to as many people as possible, however we have a few French productions, notably at Oxybul, on construction games in the “French tech” sector with “La Joyeuse”.

E.K: What are your areas of progress in the products landscape?

I.P: We have a huge success with ID troc since 2016. We allow to young couples to confide us up to 25 products in store, which are going to be sold to a determined price by our teams. If those products are sold, our clients receive discount vouchers with the determined price. It’s very good moments of sharing between parents !

We also have been working a lot on our packagings. Our goal : only use recycled box and delete plastic.

And let’s not forge tour foundation, which is acting in the service of childhood fragility all around the world. Indeed, we accompany more than 35 associations and NGO, and we have helped more than 35 000 children.

ÏDTROC Okaïdi fall 2020 campaign

I heard that ÏDTROC is restarting soon at Okaïdi …

Yes, it is the big RE-launch of ÏDTROC at Okaïdi that our customers are impatiently waiting for, after the flea market have been canceled, and a truly unique service!

What is ÏDTROC ?

It is the free ÏDKIDS consignment service of the Okaïdi, Obaïbi and Oxybul brands that we have been deploying since 2016. This allows our customers who are members of the loyalty program to transmit and renew the Okaïdi – Obaïbi dressing room, the library or the room of children’s games, responsibly, economically and at no cost! The delivery of all items in one time saves a lot of time. The store takes care of quality control, communicating and selling the items! In addition, the depositor has the possibility to give his unsold items and so, to do a solidarity gesture!

When does it start?

From now on for the preparation of Okaïdi-Obaïbi items, that we want to resell in order to drop them off in store between October 16 and 21 for France!

Where is it happening?

In 426 stores in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and Spain!

How it works?

The customer is going to:


Sort among his most beautiful Okaïdi – Obaïbi items.


Prepare his deposit via the ÏDTROC application (in France), or by removing his labeling kit in store (internationally, and still possible in France too).


Label his articles.


Come and drop them off on the scheduled dates: it’s very simple!

Then, the customer is credited with 100% of his sales with a gift card. He can choose to collect his unsold items or give them to the Love Bag for them to be recycled!

And does it really work?

Yes indeed: Last year, 340,000 Okaïdi-Obaïbi items were resold via ÏDTROC and 80,000 unsold items were donated to the Love Bag by our depositors. Cumulatively, since 2016 (sales + donations), ÏDTROC has allowed to give a second life to 750,000 Okaïdi – Obaïbi items! For each depositor, this represents on average, a gift card of € 30 per participation.

What’s new this season?

In France, we make easier to deposit thanks to the launch of the ÏDTROC app! From home, the depositor can now register, record his articles, print and apply his labels, follow his sales, find his gift card and be informed of the next ÏDTROC! Internationally, it is the rise of Spain with 100% of stores participating that time at ÏDTROC!

3 arguments to convince those who are hesitating?

I have even 4! ÏDTROC is the only service on the market that allows:

To empty children’s wardrobes at once

To assure a sale rate and a high resale price

To be able to donate unsold items (if the depositor wants to)

All this while relying on a trusted local third party: the store!

It’s all seen ! 🙂


E.K: Many thanks Isabelle, it seems like the ID Group is a company which actually transforms its visions into real acts, strong and committed. You seem happy to participate to this ambitious project. I am very delighted. I love when the old Carlin employees are fulfilled in their job!


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