Since many years now, and even more in this current context, the research of well-being and its evolution is in the heart of the scientific issues, but also in the brands’. Then it was a real privilege for us Carlin to have an interview today with Théo and Jérémy, the two founders of the start-up HYDRATIS, the new hydration accelering solution, simple, playful and efficient! Brand new on the market, she intends to make a place for herself in the diatery supplements landscape.


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Stéphanie LU – Business Developer, FranceHello Théo, hello Jérémy! First of all, can you tell us more about you?

Théo HEUDE – co-founder of HYDRATIS: Hi ! I am French-Australian, I’ve been living 11 years in Australia, travelling all over the world (India, Belgium) and I was back in France few times ago. I’ve been working for a while in the innovation sector, especially in the agro-food industry.

Jérémy BOUÉ – co-founder of HYDRATIS: As for me, I had a varied career path in the events then in the real estate where I have founded my own company, an experience rather focused on the projects management, strategy and management more globally. We’ve met ten years ago in Sydney and stayed very close ever since, as friends of course! But also because we’ve always had this entrepreunarial mindset, which linked us and the desire to build something together one day.

Jérémy Boué and Théo Heude – Founders of Hydratis

Virginie DUMORTIER – Communication Project Manager: Nice course! And where did this idea of HYDRATIS come from? Especially because, if I understand well, without any scientific background?

T.H: We’ve started to be interested in the hydration issue after several journeys abroad with friends, where we did treks, parties and we’ve founded ourselves many times in dehydration situations. There we realized that the current market did definitively not answer to one certain topic : THE DEHYDRATION. And the fact that it was possible to improve our hydration by mineral salts. Step by step, digging that report through numerical data, stats, we realized that it was an issue concerning everybody, and that translates itself by daily symptoms such as headhaches, tiredness, cramps, and more particularly during situations like sport, heats, alcohol consumption or just because we forget to drink during the day. This is important to know that 75% of French people are suffering of dehydration and that 2% of hydration represent 20% less energy. In Australia I also had the occasion to observe that solutions such as ours were indeed already present on the market, because it’s a real need for the human being in general, why not in France?!

J.B: Yet we decided to get started in that adventure and to launch the project HYDRATIS! Théo in Sydney, me in Paris, with our two respective activities in parallel, without mentionning the 10 hours of time difference! Thus, during almost one month and a half, we’ve met and worked with labs and furnichers, met the pharmacies with our first « packaging » home-made on powerpoint… I think that thanks to our diverse entrepreunarial experiences, that emulsion and constant curiosity to create something that makes sense deep inside of us, we’ve been able to quickly go from an idea to the realization of a concrete project.

... TO PROJECT ...

S.L: Rightly, let’s focus on the heart of your project : the rehydration. Can you now explain to us more in details the product HYDRATIS and its benefits?

J.B: Our solution HYDRATIS takes the form of effervescent lozenges. It allows to optimize and accelerate the hydration. It also maintain the metabolism and it’s anti-oxidant because very rich in mineral salts and trace elements. We have started to sell our first range of products mi-February, so one month before the quarantine because of the Covid. A first range dedicated to everybody (from 3 to adulthood) for a daily use (physical exercise, alcohol consumption, heats, mountains, or just when we forget to drink water). It’s declined in 3 natural perfumes (lemon and elderflower, peach and fruit of the forest).


V.D: So ! It is true that the water is relatively in the center of health campaigns. We all know that the body is made of 60% water and that we have to drink around 2 liters per day. In a kind of exaggerated, caricatural way, could we say that HYDRATIS is the magical solution and could almost replace the classic water?

T.H: This is a very good question indeed. Water is vital and essential for our organism and be substituted. By its active ingredients, HYDRATIS helps for a better assimilation of the water by the body. To give you an example, one lozenge contains 4 times more mineral salts than a conventional water (but also contains Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Chlorure…). Besides that is why our solution is categorized among the « fortified food ».

” Hydratis, it’s health by hydration !”

V.D: In terms of formats, a lozenge is interesting, but not so practical in certain types of situations (in a cark, in the public transportations for instance)… Have you think about other formats for the development of different ranges of products?

T.H: It’s a a strategic AND scientific choice! The solution must be mixed into water for a better absorption. Why not put the lozenges in a flask or a bottle -to-go! It works for the unexpected in any types of situations. Besides after experience feedbacks, we need around 15 minutes to feel the benefits of our solution, depending of course on the use of it.


S.L : We understand well that HYDRATIS answers to a very specific need, a need that the current market is lacking despite of the frightening number of dietary supplement brands. How do you consider your competitive environment?

T.H : Rightly, that’s the interesting point. We are the only ones to answer specifically to that need of rehydration. So we don’t have any direct competitors on that market. It’s more like undirect competitors, depending on the consumer’s need. For instance, Doliprane for headhaches, Citrate de Betaïne for hangovers, energy drinks for sportmen or simply every brand of natural water. But again, our role is well and truly to optimize the body rehydration, that is going to answer all those issues linked to the dehydration.

J.B: Besides, we want to go further and offer to each person, each situation, one solution to get hydration. We can say that it’s HYDRATIS mission.

S.L: You had the opportunity to enroll the Croix-Rouge social innovation accelerator. Can you tell us more about it?

J.B: We met the French Croix-Rouge duuring the development of our first range. It gave us access to their network of health professionals and their EHPAD because what it’s very at stake in their EHPAD is rightly the old people hydration. Old people are more fragile, and by their physiology, less hydrated than a younger person. To answer that issue, and since they had needs very different than ours, we are currently developing an adapted solution to their needs, and it should be available in 2021 in EHPAD and pharmacies.

“Hydration concerns everybody!”

V.D: You are talking about future, so what can we wish you at medium to long term?

J.B: In the future, we want to go innovating in the hydration of the body in France but also abroad, because the hydration concerns everybody, especially during humanitary crisis when hydration is at stake.

S.L: Little question from Carlin! To what extand are you inspired by the current « trends »? Is this some kind of prerogative for you?

J.B: Above all we are answering to a need, which is the hydration. In that way we are indeed involved in the current trends, that are the health and the well-being, the better-living, the better-consume.

S.L: Indeed, it is really into this move of better-understanding of his body by the consumer.

V.D: Finally, HYDRATIS in three words?

T.H: Health by the hydration!

Tested and approved 😉

Fin all the news about Hydratis on their Instagram or website.


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