Wandering the aisles of Playtime, the Carlin Team met Marlene Holmboe, the designer behind the MarMar Copenhagen. Its unique design is characterized by contrasts: Country-chic and urban coolness, old and new, luxurious and functional… It is these contradictions that give a unique casual-funky style to this brand in the world of children’s fashion.




What is the creative identity of your brand MarMar Copenhagen?

The brand was created on a foundation of my Scandinavian roots and is defined by sophisticated classic luxury, cool quirky details. In the best possible qualities and always functional. Inspired by old book, movies and photographs, rather that the latest trends and always with little playful hints of circus.

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MarMar Copenhagen is for boys and girls from 0 -14 years and even with some special items for women.

What is your key piece of the collection?

For this season I´m totally in love with our very different, but equally amazing prints. The pretty, whimsical Summer Print for the girls and funky Fresh Print for the boys, with a cool 90ties vibe.

What could we find in your washing machine?
Actually right now I have our hammock, bought on the local market in Nyons, so it will be ready for when we go back again this summer.

What is the most incredible garment you have ever been wearing?

The question takes me back in time. The item looked great to me and certainly made me feel fantastic – it was the first real jacket I made myself. It had lots of volume and didn´t look like anything else. It was when I was around 16 and just entering into a period, where I didn´t stop creating special one-off items for myself. It made me feel great and turned a few heads!

Print garçonWhat would you buy with 5€?

I would buy a newspaper – preferably from the homeless guy, in front of my supermarket, trying to get back on his feet.

If you could wear only one color?

With black and white not being colors, I would choose blue

What is the first thing you will do after this interview?

Finish my cup of tea

What are your future projects for MarMar Copenhagen?

Continue having fun making clothes – it´s a joy to be able to do what I love every day! And to continue to grow the company and be able to dress more wonderful kids in MarMar Copenhagen

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