Why this concept, it was your approach?

This concept was born from direct contact and interaction with my clients. I created several years cloakroom of timeless pieces that are sold in the workshop and during ephemeral presentations called “fittings” in galleries, showroom, artist studios in Paris and New York. special moments around the pleasure of discovering new parts, and bring together people who like to exchange around clothing.

Clients tell me never leave the road and weekend without taking more of my clothes because they reassure them and make them beautiful … So I decided to create a dedicated locker rooms of the trip.

Clothes that are transformed by use and which fall not to offend, in a specific case the cabin bag size. This first range Nomad Cloakroom, presented at the Elzevir Gallery consists of 9 pieces, which cover the range do not exceed the weight of 2600 gr.


Parts for creating several silhouettes to suit your needs and uses. In the plane, business appointment , lunch with a friend, pause at the hotel pool , city tour and meet friends on the terrace, chic dinner and gala evening …


What was the inspiration for this locker room ?

I imagined a day of 24 hours of a modern woman who goes on moving and combining professional and recreational appointment . easy pieces for which adapt depending on usage and also depending on the mood . For example the dress MOOD reversible , a black side and a color side , the choice depending on your shape!

Unknown - copie

Is there a story you ‘d like to share with us around one of the rooms ?

I am particularly attached to the play RADIANCE . It’s a stole ” pockets ” that is both practical , contemporary and makes you light . This piece is quite emblematic of my passion for the materials . It is made in a very special fabric that reflects light . In contrast the pockets are in a matte fabric made of paper that comes from Japan . When you wear it is a special feeling , protection and communication , a kind of my skin.


She is the iconic piece ?

The iconic piece of the wardrobe is a classic piece that can do according to very dressy or casual. The ELEGANT is a long reversible vest, a navy blue side, the other side black , all canvas , welt pockets. It is a play that keeps you and dresses . The feeling is very nice, a friend of travel .


Why did you choose a link with technology?

I always liked to follow the innovations of tissue called “technical” I love away . For example, a fabric shape memory used in high performance sport with which I created a MEMORY cuff bracelet. You can sculpt at will and then recover the original shape. Cloakroom for Nomad after survey of women who travel a lot , it turned out that a water bottle 3.0 was needed ! So I did some research with innovative industrial and created a tech- chic accessory that plugs the WARMY is takes heat for several hours.


How to evolve this locker room for the winter season ?

New pieces will accompany the existing parts and will enrich the nomadic cloakroom. Wraparound rooms , warm and very light. How about a range for men !

It is the news of Claire Germain?

A new fitting in the unusual place of an architect friend , to discover or rediscover the nomadic cloakroom 24h – 2600gr and try the dresses and accessories MOOD reversible .

20, 21 , 22 May 2016
Friday 20 , from 17:30
Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 from 11h to 19h

UP company
27 avenue Philippe Auguste
75011 PARIS
Interphone + first floor right
tel: +33 6 19 79 10 50


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