Stéphanie Lu – Head of Social Media Communication: Hi Nicolas and Zoé, we are very pleased to have met you during the Architect@work fair and to have discovered MarsdlightIn a nutshell, how was the idea of Mardslight born ? Was it a need that you have identified in the market or more a personnal desire?

Nicolas Mannoni – Founder and Designer of Marsdlight: The DNA of Marsdlight is basically Art + design combined to new technologies. So I have been challenged by an architect in Miami, who wanted to be able to offer an innovation with a « wahou » effect for his top of the range clients. He asked me « With your creativity and you knowledge of light, what can you bring to marble ? Architects are already using marble since millenium, it’s timeless and always suggested in the top of the range realisations. After having done a complete watch on the Internet, not finding what I was looking for, I imagined and drew the first blacklit floor slab in marble by LED RGB*.

RGB means Red, Green, Blue, that allows to create milllions of colours.

So, I’ve come with this new product « Plug and Play », which allows us to play and control the light.

Nicolas Mannoni 

S.LWhat a beautiful innovation! Can you tell us more about it?

N.M: As a designer, I gathered some skills to end up to our leading product, which is the result of a collective work around light and marble. For that project, I have co-developed a controller and an application with the start-up While Zero. The controller, which generates its own WIFI network, allows to adress one specific colour to each LED. As for the application, it allows to play with all the colours and also the existing animations. In parallel, we have implemented a new process to refine the marble. Then, we have developed innovations on the light diffuser, which have a double function : Optimize the light spread while reinforcing the refined marble. Thanks to those innovations, we have an important technological advance over our future competitors.


S.L: Do you consider that Marsdlight is renewing that material known to be « classical », the marble?

N.MAbsolutely ! While bringing a new « luminous » functionnality.

S.L: By the way, we can’t pass by the CSR issues anymore, and all the sectors are concerned. There are more and more designers but also marble producers that are thinking about the re-use of huge drops during their marble production for instance. Thus, where do you see yourself in that problematic in Marsdlight development?

N.M: The slabs are 82 x 35 cm, which allows us to use the falls, included the marble. Besides, our prototypes have been entirely realised from marble falls of Carrare Blanc. This slab, made in France, 100% recyclable, is a mix of our technologies and our know-how. Our banners LEDS are guaranteed 3 years and consume maximum 12W/meter.

Marble slab enlightened in white and color

S.L: Which uses are targeted by your company?

N.M: Our waterproof slabs are meant to be put outside, for instance : arranged in Japanese foot, markup, pools/curbstones but also to be put inside : for scales, luminous path, hammam…

Off japanese foot and the magic happens at nightfall…

S.L: Is there a possibility to personnalize your product?

N.M: Of course! We can use different types of marble and many types of tranparent materials such as Onyx. It is a beautiful material with a « cloud » effect when retro-lightened. Our clients will have the choice to use their materials or can choose the stones they want from the photos we received from our suppliers.

Japanese foots enlightened in white

S.L: Could we decline the concept to other products ans materials?

N.M: Indeed, our lightening solutions, coupled to our controller and dedicated app, are usable for many sectors : architecture, hotel industry, pools, thalasso, bathrooms, ceilings, retro-lightening boxes, retro-lightening of stones…

S.L: What can you wish you for the future?

N.M: As a designer, I want to realize the first set up before being commercialized by a worldwide distributor….

PS : I dream of collaborating with Elon Musk to create a Luminous Tesla!

S.L: Thank you very much for those luminous answers 😉

N.M: Thank you Stéphanie for that questionary! With pleasure.

Feel free to contact Nicolas Mannoni to know more about Marsdlight : +33 6 11 57 35 81 –


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